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Singles nights offered at library

By Nick Parry
BBC Wales News website

Book shelf
The library's next singles' evening will be held on Friday 9 May

"Jack was browsing the shelves of the Dylan Thomas section when he spotted her thumbing through Iris Gower's latest romantic offering.

"Captivated, he approached, slowly and slightly awkwardly. "A quick glance at her lapel and his heart skipped a beat as he saw what he was hoping for.

"A pink badge! The mysterious stranger was also there, in Swansea Central Library that Friday evening, for singles' night."

An unlikely Mills and Boon-style scenario, you might think.

But what was once the preserve of the nightclub before pubs, bingo halls and supermarkets got in on the act is now being tried out in Swansea.

Once a month - from 1800 BST onwards - Friday night is singles' night at the city's main library.

It is open for business as normal, with organisers stressing that it is just an optional extra and nothing more than a bit of fun.

But anyone hoping to spot a potential partner can pick up a pink badge signalling their romantic intentions at reception.

Then they can stroll the aisles looking for a book, DVD, or something - or someone - else that takes their fancy.

Assistant manager Emma Townshend said: "This is a different type of singles evening because it's not being held in a bar, restaurant or nightclub.

"It'll offer many people looking for a partner an environment they'll be more comfortable with.

"By looking at the sort of books and DVDs that take the fancy of others, it's an opportunity to spot someone who has similar interests."

The idea is in its infancy with only one such evening held to date.

As far as staff are aware, sparks failed to fly the first time around. But they are still pinning their hopes on a fairytale ending.

"The badges that have been made up are easily recognisable and, who knows, this might lead to true love," said Ms Townshend.

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