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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 December 2007, 08:57 GMT
Sali Mali 'mugged by hoodie' row
Book cover
Sali Mali has appeared in books and an animation TV series

A book aimed at young children has been criticised for a storyline in which the main character is mugged by a hoodie for her MP3 player.

Some parents say they are concerned the latest book in the popular Welsh language Sali Mali's Adventure series may disturb young children.

A Cardigan bookshop is also refusing to sell 'Sali Mali a'r hwdi chwim' ('Sali Mali and the Speedy Hoodie').

Author Dylan Williams said the book shows Sali moving into the real world.

In the book, Sali is exercising in the park when she is shoved in the back by a faceless character in a hoodie, who steals her iPod.

It brings Sali Mali to the modern but why can't we let children be children?
Enfys Spiers, a nursery leader

It has provoked criticism that the themes are unsuitable for its target audience of young children aged up to seven.

Geraint Wyn James, from Awen Teifi shop, in Cardigan, who is a father of two girls, the youngest of whom is two and a half, said he is refusing to sell the book.

"I would never show a book like this to a two and a half year old girl," he said.

"The content is unsuitable. The subject is a current one, these things happen, but I'm not sure if it should happen in Sali Mali's books."

Dylan Phillips, from T-Hwnt shop, in Carmarthen, is selling the book but is not happy with the idea of a faceless hoodie frightening Sali.

I would find it more scary being mugged by Sali Mali, she looks like she knows how to handle herself
Jon, Cardiff

He said: "I'm sure it will frighten the youngest children reading the Sali Mali books."

Enfys Spiers, a nursery leader in Carmarthen, said the themes are not suitable for young children.

"I think the theme is suitable for teenagers, it brings Sali Mali to the modern but why can't we let children be children?," she said.

"They need straightforward stories."

The book's author Dylan Williams said the latest series has had good reviews and that people have welcomed moving Sali Mali into the real world.

He said Sali Mali's character represents positive aspects such as justice and morality and that those are reinforced in the story.

Sali Mali and her friends, including Jac y Jwc, have been a hit with children since they first appeared in a series of books written by Mary Vaughan Jones in the late 1960s.

The characters also appear on S4C in an animation series.

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