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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 September, 2003, 15:50 GMT 16:50 UK
How to turn sheep into art
Owen the ram
Owen the multicoloured ram has made quite an impression

A ram called Owen with a technicolour coat has become one of Wales' most unusual pieces of art.

While modern British artists like Damien Hirst became notorious for putting pickled animals on display, Lyndsy Phillips has ensured the sheep she uses as her canvas is very much alive.

Lyndsy, from Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, decided the sheep needed a bit of colour while she was taking her dog for a walk.

"It has taken months of preparation trying to find a farmer who was willing to lend me the sheep, getting the right dyes that are organic so that they wouldn't harm the sheep and getting it all together."

She has created a psychedelic piece on Owen, who has been used as part an exhibition of her work.

Lyndsy Phillips
Lyndsy Phillips may now move on to even bigger beasts

The ram's owner, Ben Wonnacott, said the sheep had taken well to his new role.

"I think Owen is quite enjoying it," he said. "He has always been a show off.

"He's got quite a spring in his step. All of the others are quite jealous of him," he said.

Milford Haven gallery owner Kevin Fitzmaurice-Brown said: "It is very unusual indeed for a gallery to be displaying something live.

"I believe Lyndsy has approached Longleat to do something on a much larger scale."

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