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Last Updated: Wednesday, 4 June, 2003, 17:10 GMT 18:10 UK
Traffic noise tops complaints
Taxi on a road hump
The noise from cars and lorries annoyed people questioned
Traffic sounds top the list of annoying and unnecessary noise among residents in Carmarthenshire.

Volunteers were asked to list their pet hates when it comes to noise pollution as part of a survey for Noise Action Day.

The national campaign on Wednesday was aimed at getting people to be considerate about those around them.

Carmarthenshire Council has set up a citizens' panels where residents are asked their views on various issues which are taken into consideration when the authority is drawing up policies.

It can be easy not to realise how much distress noise you make can cause other people
Environmental health officer Victoria King

Those who took part said noise was not a trivial issue with 50% stating their neighbourhoods had become noisier in the past few years.

Lorries and cars speeding past their homes was listed by 23% of people as the biggest cause of concern.

Construction work came second with 16% while both noisy neighbours and loud animals infuriated 13% of those who answered.

Council officers say they will now go away and look at the results to see if anything can be done to lower the decibel levels.

Environmental health officer Victoria King said: "The findings make interesting reading and we will now look and see if there is any we can help.

"It can be easy not to realise how much distress noise you make can cause other people.

"It is one of the biggest sources of complaints there is for the county council, and it the problem is usually easily avoidable."

Events were held around Wales on Wednesday to bring attention to the issue.

They were co-ordinated by the National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Protection (NSCA)

Environmental health officers in Neath/Port Talbot visited supermarkets to give advice to shoppers.

Intruder alarms

They were at the Safeway Stores in Neath and Morrison's on the Baglan Industrial Estate in Port Talbot.

Many entered a Family Fortunes style quiz based on a survey of 100 council staff who were asked what noises irritated them the most.

Intruder alarms topped the poll closely followed by barking dogs.

Head of environmental health and trading standards, Steve Bolchover, said the exercise had been a success.

"By raising awareness of noise nuisance, we are promoting a greater personal responsibility towards noise," he said.

"People came especially to speak to our officers to find out what they could do if they had a complaint.

"We were very busy throughout the day."

NSCA's Noise Action Day co-ordinator Mary Stevens said: "On Noise Action Day we urged everyone to take a quiet moment to consider how the noise they make can affect others."


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