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Last Updated: Friday, 27 April 2007, 17:22 GMT 18:22 UK
Widow praises husband's workmates
Ian Glyn Jones
'Not just work colleagues but mates,' said Ian Jones' widow
The widow of a Cardiff recycling worker crushed to death by a damaged roller shutter door has thanked his workmates for trying to save his life.

Ian Glyn Jones, 38, died in December 2004 after attempting to shut the door at the council's Lamby Way depot.

An inquest heard how Mr Jones' colleagues used a fork lift truck to lift the metal doors off their friend but he died the following day.

A jury at Cardiff coroner's court recorded a narrative verdict.

The jury said the accident had happened on 3 December, 2004, after an ash cart hit the door structure earlier in the day, causing it to become unstable.

When Mr Jones, from Trowbridge, Cardiff, pressed the button to close the doors at the end of his shift, the movement caused the whole structure to fall on him, they said.

Team spirit was the reason Ian loved going to work
Korin Jones

The ash cart collided with the door after being driven too far forward while the hopper at the back of the vehicle, used to remove rubbish bags, was raised, they concluded.

The jury also said there were no procedures in place to tell drivers how far forward they could move the ash cart while bags were still being tipped out.

A narrative verdict records the circumstances surrounding the death.

The inquest had earlier heard that neither the driver of the lorry, nor the colleagues supervising the vehicle as it was moved in and out of the building, realised there had been a collision.

A health and safety expert had told the jury that the lorry could have been travelling at less than three miles an hour for the damage to be caused.

Mr Jones's colleagues, including his best friend Fred Redman, had tried to help him once they were alerted by a loud crashing noise, the jury were told.

Lamby Way landfill site, Cardiff
Mr Jones died after a mechanical door at the Lamby Way depot fell on him

Mr Redman used a forklift truck to lift the metal doors off his friend, helped by other workers at the materials reclamation unit at the Lamby Way site, which is owned by Cardiff council.

But their friend died in hospital the following day. The medical cause of death was multiple injuries including a blunt head injury.

In a statement released outside court, Mr Jones' widow Korin thanked his colleagues for their efforts in trying to save her husband.

She said: "On discovering the accident, Ian's mates worked together to help him as best they could.

"This team spirit was the reason Ian loved going to work.

"They were not just work colleagues but mates who socialised together."

A Cardiff Council spokesman said they noted the verdict of the jury.

"This was a tragic accident and our thoughts are still with the family of Ian Jones at this time," he added.

Council worker dies in accident
04 Dec 04 |  South East Wales

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