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Last Updated: Friday, 20 January 2006, 13:41 GMT
Save Big Brother Maggot, say band
The rapper is one of three who face eviction from the house
Comedy rappers Goldie Lookin' Chain are urging fans to keep bandmate Maggot in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

He is one of three up for eviction after Big Brother forced MP George Galloway and singer Preston to make surprise nominations.

The Welsh band are so confident Maggot will win they have organised a victory party for him on St David's Day - 1 March - in their home city of Newport.

GLC called on fans to vote out either Rula Lenska or Tracy Bingham on Friday.

GLC member Adam Hussain said: "It's all about the Maggot. I want to see him kick off with George [Galloway]."

Former factory worker Maggot is a founder member of the ironic rappers and, according to the Channel 4 website, gained his nickname as a teenager when he wore a flesh-coloured puffy jacket.

He is in it for the long term now, he could stay in a hole for three weeks if he wanted to
Two Hats

He was the fifth contestant to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house and had kept a relatively low profile for the past two weeks.

But that changed on Thursday after Galloway and Preston were jointly called to the diary room and confronted with the allegation that they had discussed their own nominations for eviction - a breach of one of Big Brother's fundamental rules.

They were required to agree three on-the-spot nominations, unaware their debate was being relayed to all the other housemates.


Another GLC rapper, Two Hats said: "He is in it for the long term now, he could stay in a hole for three weeks if he wanted to."

Adam Hussain said: "He can do that. He used to lock himself in a cupboard for a while to get himself used to it.

Goldie Lookin' Chain
GLC have organised a Welsh national day victory party for Maggot

"If you cut out all the booze and all the fags and everything I think you would see the true Maggot lashing out, "get away, I'm the star" but he's good.

"It's all about the Maggot - I want to see him kick off with George, 'cos that's what it's going to be about this week."

Misty added: "He's got an interesting game plan. He has tended to sneak around in the background but that's what he's used to anyway, he normally sneaks down back alleys, so anything could happen. It's amazing."

After the surprise nominations, tension grew between Maggot and Mr Galloway, with the rap star accusing the Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow of "stabbing people in the back".

Galloway responded by saying he and Preston had been forced into an impossible position by Big Brother.

Maggot, who is described as being 24 although GLC websites claim he is 38, has said he would like to "get into politics" in the future.

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