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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 May, 2005, 11:46 GMT 12:46 UK
Family shock at Kylie's illness
Kylie Minogue
Kylie is expected to undergo treatment soon
Kylie Minogue's Welsh relatives have expressed their shock at hearing about the singer's breast cancer diagnoses.

Great uncle Dennis Riddiford from Maesteg, said: "I'm shocked, the family has been shocked to hear the news."

He said Kylie's grandmother Millie Jones, 81, was in Wales visiting friends and family and would return to Australia as soon as possible.

Mrs Jones emigrated in 1955, taking Kylie's mum Carol from the former mining town of Maesteg when she was 12.

Mr Riddiford said that on hearing the news about the 36-year-old he felt disbelief.

"You have just got to hope for the best," said Mr Riddiford who said that the singer will get lots of support.

Kylie's uncle Dennis Riddiford
Dennis Riddiford said they did not how serious the cancer was

"We do not know yet how serious it is. It could be something which can just be treated with medication and that's it. It's no good fearing the worst.

"Millions of people have come through this successfully in the past."

Speaking of his sister, Kylie's grandmother Millie Jones, he said: "She's still in Wales today but she will be making arrangements to go back to Australia as soon as possible.

"She's very close to Kylie and dotes on all the family... she will be devastated by the news.

"She has been over here visiting for a couple of months and is somewhere up in north Wales at the moment seeing friends.

Kylie Minogue
Some relatives saw her weeks ago on her Showgirl tour in the UK

"I have not spoken to her but she will be very upset about this and will want to get back to Australia as soon as possible."

Mr Riddiford said that as well as family support, Kylie would be getting support from her many show business friends including Olivia Newton-John, who was diagnosed with breast cancer more than a decade ago.

"I believe they are friendly and she is obviously someone who could offer her support," said Mr Riddiford.

Only two weeks ago, Kylie treated her family to tickets to see her Showgirl tour in the UK.

Her cousin Mel Thomas, 47, said: "She looked absolutely fantastic - this is a terrible shock for all of us."

Mr Thomas, from Pwllheli in north Wales and other members of the family met up with Kylie before the show in Manchester.

"We saw her before the show and she was great. No-one could have had any idea of this medical problem.

"It was a complete shock but we all have our fingers crossed."

Kylie is said to maintain close links with her Welsh relatives.

After emigrating to Townsville, Queensland, Kylie's mother Carol went on to marry Ron Minogue.

The couple, later moved to Melbourne and had three children - Kylie, Brendan and Dannii.


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