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Last Updated: Friday, 25 May 2007, 15:52 GMT 16:52 UK
Osprey chicks caught on camera
Osprey chicks
The ospreys have been returning to the same nest site since 2004
Footage of a rare pair of ospreys feeding their newly-hatched chicks at their nest in Glaslyn, near Porthmadog, has been released by the RSPB.

A webcam captured one parent returning with a fish to feed the newborns just before chick three hatched on 20 May.

All three chicks have visibly grown during their first week out of the eggs, according to the RSPB.

A viewing site is open to the public daily and a community event will be held during the bank holiday weekend.

The chicks, which are being watched via webcam by a 24-hour RSPB protection team, have gained conference and better control of their bodies since hatching, said the spokeswoman.

Squabbling siblings

"The eldest two were even squabbling with each other on Friday, poking beaks and head butting one another.

"This is perfectly normal, as sibling competitiveness is to be expected" she said.

The adults, thought to be the only known pair of nesting ospreys in Wales, have both been feeding the chicks with the female particularly keen to keep giving them food even when they are full.

The webcam has been provided by BBC Wales.

Watch osprey chicks being fed

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