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Last Updated: Saturday, 26 July, 2003, 13:52 GMT 14:52 UK
Sea rescue hero statue honour
Dic Evans
A memorial statue is planned to celebrate the life of Dic Evans
One of Anglesey's most famous sea rescue heroes is to be honoured with a statue.

A group of organisations and individuals, led by the island's county council, are planning to commission the statue to remember the life and work of the late Dic Evans of Moelfre.

Mr Evans won the MBE and two coveted RNLI Gold Medals for his heroic sea rescues as coxswain of the Moelfre Lifeboat.

He won his first in 1959 when he led the rescue of the Hindlea which had gone aground in a 104 miles per hour hurricane force wind.

Evan Jones from the town, who has rescued 441 people from treacherous seas in his 34 years with Moelfre Lifeboat, knew Dic Evans well.

The Hindlea rescue
Dic Evans led the Hindlea to safety

"He was a gentle man, kind, a keen chapel-goer and very strong man," he says.

"I remember him on the sea shore painting boats and heaving them up the beach - which was no mean feat as they were very heavy.

"The sea had been his world since he was a small boy and he rescued many a life from the sea.

Dic Evans received his first medal in 1959 when called out to the Hindlea of Cardiff when it was in distress in a hurricane force wind gusting to 104 miles per hour.

"It was a 100 years since the Royal Charter had sunk and the weather was atrocious with 100 mile per hour wind.

"They tried seven times to get alongside before they succeeded," says Mr Jones.

The second medal was given in 1966 when he lead the rescue of the Greek motor vessel Nafsiporos in 1966.

Mr Jones recalls: "She had been washed up on the shore and the Holyhead and Moelfre lifeboats were called out.

I think a memorial statue would be a good thing
Evan Jones

"Dic Evans had seven crew members and the Holyhead boat had six. It was a difficult job.

"Then one of the lifeboats on the Nafsiporos broke lose and fell onto the Holyhead lifeboat and caused a lot of damage before it went into the sea.

"Then the Moelfre boat managed to get alongside and took eight men to safety."

"I think a memorial statue would be a good thing and would put Moelfre on the map.

"Moelfre wasn't that popular before Dic won the gold medal. He used to travel quite a bit after retiring to talk about his experiences."

Strong winds

Mr Jones, who was a full-time mechanic with the lifeboat, said: "Its a job where you're thinking about it day and night.

"If you're a full-time member, you're never free from the job.

"If there's strong winds, you're always thinking what could happen.

"Wind from the north is the worst - if it's from the north then the sea is quite rough and you're battling against the wind," he added.

Artist Sam Holland has been comissioned to undertake the sculpture which will be located at the Moelfre Seawatch Centre.

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