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Denbigh bigamist jailed for having two wives

Dean Mills
Dean Mills was sentenced at Mold Crown Court

A twice-married man serving a prison sentence has been jailed for nine months after admitting bigamy.

Dean Mills, 38, from Denbigh, married for the third time in Llandudno last June, but Mold Crown Court heard he was still married to his second wife.

He is currently serving two-and-a-half years for other offences, but his latest sentence will run concurrently.

The court heard his third "wife" was standing by him and they planned to marry on his release from prison.

It emerged during Mills's trial for other offences that he had committed bigamy.

The court heard that Mills was not due to be released until September.

Judge John Rogers QC jailed Mills for nine months for bigamy, but said it would be concurrent with his existing sentence.

A prison sentence is inevitable for an offence of bigamy
Judge John Rogers QC

"A prison sentence is inevitable for an offence of bigamy," said Judge Rogers.

"In your case you will have credit because you were totally co-operative and frank during the investigation.

"You also pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity."

The court heard how Mills committed bigamy when he married Tracey Anne Jones at Llandudno register office on 19 June last year.

The court was told that she stood by him and would marry him legitimately on his release.

Mills first married a woman named Catherine Marie Taylor on 26 September, 1998, but that marriage ended in divorce in June 2006.

Awaiting trial

On 18 August 2006, at Manchester Register Office, now using the name Johnson, Mills married Joanne Louise Johnson, who had changed her name by deed poll.

She was already by that stage in a relationship with the defendant and had three children by him. She also had four children from a previous relationship, the court heard.

Mills was charged with a series of offences last year and while awaiting trial, he married Tracey Anne Jones, the court was told.

He used the name Mills and mentioned his first marriage but not his second, the court heard.

Interviewed last November on suspicion of bigamy, Mills claimed that he believed that his marriage to Mrs Johnson was not legal.

Brian Treadwell, defending, said that it was clear that it had to be prison.

He added: "The defendant says that he was perhaps somewhat mistaken in respect to his third marriage which may have stemmed from burying his head in the sand."

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