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Pub dog must wear 'high-vis' vest

Hatty in her high-visibility vest (picture:
Hatty has three months to prove the high-visibility vest works

A dog barred from a pub for chewing beer mats has been allowed back in - but only if she wears a high-visibility vest.

Nigel McLelland, the landlord of the Jolly Sailor in Prestatyn, Denbighshire, said Hatty, a Lakeland Terrier, must be seen at all times.

He relented on his ban after he found out his regulars were going to start a petition to let her back in.

"I'm going to lose trade so I let her in," he said.

Hatty's owner Jeff Hughes said his pet started chasing and chewing beer mats after the pub's assistant manager threw one to her.

Pub ban dog wears day-glo vest

"One night we went in there and it was packed, there had been football on or whatever. She just went berserk," said roofer Mr Hughes, 35, who got Hatty from a rescue centre and takes her to work every day with him.

"Everybody was throwing them (the mats), they were just all over the place. He (Mr McLelland) got a bit annoyed about this and basically put her on the pub watch scheme."

Hatty was banned last year but Mr McLelland said she can now come back in the pub if she wears a high-visibility vest, which she usually has on when accompanying Mr Hughes to work on building sites.

"I think it's just so he can see where she is because she disappears and climbs on the tables and gets them (the mats) herself," added Mr Hughes.

He said his dog loved going to the pub after work with him and would "sulk" if he left her in the van or took her home while he went there during her ban.

"A soon as we pull up (at the pub) she's out of the van," he said.

Nigel McLelland, Hatty the dog and her owner Jeff Hughes (picture:
Hatty has been given her final warning by landlord Nigel McLelland

"If the window's open, as soon as we stop she's straight out the window to the door.

"She loves it there because everyone plays with her."

Mr McLelland said Hatty had often been encouraged by his regulars, who would throw her the mats.

"I came down one night and all the regulars were throwing beer mats for her so really speaking, we shouldn't be blaming Hatty, we should be blaming the regulars," he said.

"I'm saving a hell of a lot on beer mats but the regulars need her (the dog) to come in and I'm going to lose trade so I let her in."

He added: "I think the regulars were going to get a petition so rather than lose trade I'm going to let her back in."

Of the vest he said: "I can see her better now if she's hiding away."

Mr Hughes's young daughter Annie said: "She (Hatty) likes everyone playing with her with the beer mats and shaking them about and throwing them.

"Nigel let her in because she's nice and because she had a glow vest.

"She should be allowed to stay because she's a nice and kind dog."

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