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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 October, 2003, 13:49 GMT 14:49 UK
Power plant fires up for winter
Deeside Power station
The Deeside station can provide power to 25,000 homes
A north Wales power station will be fired up to its full capacity again after a 12 month break to provide electricity for 25,000 homes.

International Power (IP) has announced the Deeside plant will be up and running again from 20 October to at least March 2004, to help with any power supply shortages over winter.

Last April the company decided to halve its 500 megawatt output blaming the weakening wholesale price of electricity to customers in England and Wales.

David Crane, chief executive at IP said the gas-fired power station could help power peoples homes in the unlikely event of severe blackouts this winter.

"There's clearly a little bit more risk than in the past but generally, compared to what you see in the popular press, I think the risk being talked about is quite exaggerated.

"There is more of a risk than in the past but still very unlikely," he said.

The power station employs 50 workers at Deeside Industrial Estate.

Last year the plant contributed to a 22% boost in profits for IP, earning the north Wales unit praise from the company's chairman Sir Neville Sims.

Power plant to halve output
28 Mar 02  |  Wales

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