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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 February 2008, 17:10 GMT
Council tops 'green' league table
Kerbside waste collection (picture: Science Photo Library)
Ceredigion Council has topped a recycling league table
A Welsh council has topped a recycling league table of the best performing local authorities in the UK.

Research for the GMB union showed Ceredigion Council recycled 37.1% of its waste last year followed by mid Suffolk at 34.2%.

Liverpool was at the bottom of the English league table recycling 8.4%, while in Scotland, Glasgow was worst re-using just 8% of its waste.

The GMB said not enough household waste was being recycled.

The amount being recycled by local authorities in the UK ranges from more than a third to less than 10%, according to the union's new study.

The GMB's national officer Brian Strutton said: "The UK is nowhere near government recycling targets.

"GMB refuse workers are handling around 350,000 tonnes of household waste a week, of which only a fifth is recycled.

"Looking at the pattern over recent years it is clear that many authorities are improving and that is particularly true for those at the lower end of the league table.

Ceredigion 37.1%
Mid Suffolk 34.2%
Chichester 32.6%
Chiltern 32.4%
Clackmannanshire 32.2%

"Only four years ago average recycling rates were an eighth, now they are a fifth. That's a good step forward.

"Unfortunately there seems to be an upper limit, with few councils able to crack the 30% rate."

Ceredigion Council topped the recycling league in Wales last year.

A council spokeswoman said: "The council is proud of its recycling performance bearing in mind that the additional logistical difficulties of providing services to its ratepayers over such a large and sparsely populated area."

Counties top 'green' league table
02 Jan 07 |  Mid Wales

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