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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 November, 2004, 16:39 GMT
Another 'green' success for county
Cans ready for recycling
Thousands of cans have been recycled in Powys over the year
Powys, the Welsh county which leads the way on recycling, has been recognised again for its work to 'green' issues.

Eighteen trees will be planted in its town and villages this week, each one representing a tonne of aluminium collected over 12-month period.

Powys recycles more than any other county in Wales.

In September, the Welsh Assembly Government said 28% of all waste dealt with by the local authority last year was recycled and composted.

The trees have been donated by aluminium industry organisation Alupro, to recognise the growth and impact of successful recycling in Powys.

The waste collection has been a partnership between primary schools and communities. The trees will be planted near the schools.

The authority says growing trees gives some sense of how the energy saved through recycling aluminium accumulates over the years.

We'll be signing up for more trees next year, so keep recycling
Powys recycling officer, Roanna Manson

With up to 95% energy saved every time an aluminium can is recycled, and a UK system which puts new drinks cans back on the shelf in just six weeks, the benefits of getting the recycling habit quickly mount up, it adds.

Powys County Council recycling officer, Roanna Manson, particularly thanked recyclers who got started in the past year.

"You will be able to watch these two-year-old saplings grow to maturity at local schools. We'll be signing up for more trees next year, so keep recycling," she said.

Alupro's national campaign will result in 35,000 trees being planted across the UK this winter - enough to cover 900 football pitches when fully grown.

Local authorities in Wales received 75m over four years in 2002 which they could spend on recycling.

Among Powys' other green initiatives is a door-to-door collection service for recyclables.

A number of additional green services started last year, including a trial garden waste collection.

Powys has been praised before for its use of recycling schemes

The council also allowed businesses to use the waste and recycling centres.

In August, residents of a Powys town were praised for their awareness of environmental schemes.

The Welsh Consumer Council (WCC) said people in Machynlleth were "very clued-up" about recycling and energy-saving schemes.

In research funded by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Issues (Defra), WCC found eco-friendly initiatives in the town had made an impact.

The town is home to a number of companies set up to develop sustainable living schemes.

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