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'Bone-crusher' handshakes rile Labour MP Paul Flynn

Paul Flynn MP
Paul Flynn has represented Newport West since 1987

People who administer bone-crushing handshakes to prove the strength of their personalities should be charged with assault, says a Labour MP.

Paul Flynn, 74, the MP for Newport West, used his blog to claim that shaking hands was getting less popular.

"Good riddance. They are unnecessary, unhygienic, germ-spreading intrusions," he wrote.

He said some "oafs use them to prove the strength of their personalities with bone-crushers".

"They should be summoned for assault."

Mr Flynn wrote that eye-watering hand squeezes could be excruciatingly painful.

"Grimacing in pain does not deter them. Even yelps of pain or sarcasm has no effect."

He said he had tried sarcasm on these "insensitive dolts" but the point was ever understood.

Making fun

"Who will be the first person to be charged with assault by handshake?" Mr Flynn asked.

The veteran politician has previously used his blog to make outspoken comments.

He once attacked housing charity Shelter Cymru because he says it is ignoring the progress made in tackling housing problems.

He was also stripped of a parliamentary allowance for making fun of other MPs on his blog.

Mr Flynn was elected in 1987 and is known for his strong views on drug legislation and nuclear weapons.

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