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Last Updated: Saturday, 22 March 2008, 14:18 GMT
Mythology inspires six baby names
Tony and Elaine Romaeo with, from left, Achilles, Venus, Angel, Romeo and Isis
Elaine Romaeo is expecting her sixth child in around four weeks
A Welsh couple have taken a mythological approach to naming their five children by taking inspiration from Greek, Roman and Egyptian heroes.

Elaine Romaeo, 35, and her husband Tony, 51, wanted to give their brood more exciting names than their own.

The eldest is Romeo Casanova Valentino, 12, next is Venus Valentine, 11, then Angel Aphrodite, 10, Isis Ise, three, and Achilles Spartacus Mars, two.

The couple are calling their next boy Caesar Augustus Constantine.

The couple already know the sex of their sixth child, due in around four weeks.

Mrs Romaeo said: "There's enough boring normality in the world so we decided to draw inspiration from Roman, Greek and Egyptian history to name our children.

The look on the registrar's face is always a picture when we tell them the names we've chosen
Elaine Romaeo

"Instead of getting an A-Z of baby names I bought some history books and found some of the most famous names ever.

"At first we chose a love theme with Romeo and Venus Valentine but now we have widened it a bit.

"And when the new arrival comes in four week's time he will be named after three Roman emperors.

"That's got to be better than names like Jack, Oliver and Daniel which are okay, but a bit too popular for us."

Raised eyebrows

The couple, from Canton, Cardiff, admitted there were raised eyebrows when the older children started school.

Mrs Romaeo said: "The teachers were a bit surprised by the names at first but they've got used to them now.

"We have told the children what their names mean and why they were called what they were and they all love them.

"But every time I get pregnant my family ask: "What are you going to call this one?"

"The look on the registrar's face is always a picture when we tell them the names we've chosen.

"The only downside is that we can't get pencils or mugs with their names on but we can live with that."

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