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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 December 2007, 17:58 GMT
Cerebral palsy girl awarded 8.3m
University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff
The University Hospital in Cardiff is the largest in Wales
A teenage girl with severe cerebral palsy after a medical mishap at birth has been awarded 8.3m.

She was born at Cardiff's University Hospital and her injuries were due to the treatment of her mother during her birth, London's High Court heard.

She has reduced powers of speech and cannot walk unaided, the court heard.

The 16-year-old's family, who were living in Cardiff and are now in the Irish Republic, sued the health board responsible, which admitted liability.

The girl's case reached the High Court as the judge ruled on the correct amount of damages to be paid for her severe disabilities.

Mr Justice Lloyd-Jones awarded the teenager a payout worth 11.6m euros (8.3m).

Despite her disabilities she has learned to ride and is able to trot, canter and jump low jumps
Mr Justice Lloyd-Jones

The money will be paid from the Welsh Risk Pool, which deals with financial liabilities in claims made before the current health authorities came into being.

The girl's family were living in Cardiff at the time, although they have since moved to the Irish Republic.

The judge said the girl had "severe involuntary movements" which hamper many everyday activities, and remains unsteady when standing.

But her intelligence and intellectual development have not been affected by her injuries, said the judge.

He added: "Despite her disabilities she has learned to ride and is able to trot, canter and jump low jumps".

The court heard that she is expected to be assessed for a place on a Paralympics riding team.

But, despite her courageous spirit and sheer will to live, she will require a "high level of support" for the rest of her days, the court heard.

Cardiff and Powys local health boards are expected to issue a joint statement later on Thursday.

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