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Last Updated: Friday, 13 October 2006, 13:47 GMT 14:47 UK
Memorial garden for E.coli victim
Memorial garden
Pupils worked for months helping to set up the garden
A memorial garden in honour of a five-year-old boy, who died during an outbreak of E.coli in south Wales, has opened at his school.

Mason Jones, from Deri, near Bargoed, died from complications after contracting the bug last autumn.

Pupils at Deri Primary School have worked on the garden over the past months, and have included Mason's favourite dinosaurs in the design.

Over 150 were affected by the outbreak between September and December 2005.

It was the UK's biggest outbreak for a decade, involving 42 schools across four counties in the south Wales valleys.

Mason Jones
Mason Jones died after contracting E.coli last autumn
The memorial garden has been financed by money sent in from all around the country following Mason's death.

His mother Sharon Mills said the family still wanted answers about her son's death.

"We still can't get why it happened and how it happened but any progress made by the police or public inquiry would be welcomed by ourselves, and other members of families who were affected by last year's E.coli outbreak," she told BBC Wales.

Deri Primary head teacher Nicola Williams said of the garden's opening: "What we're trying to do today is make it celebration of Mason's life so we can be positive about it.

"We'd like this to be a living garden so we can add things, so his memory is never forgotten."

Efforts to trace the source of the outbreak led to meat suppliers John Tudor and Son in Bridgend being served an emergency prohibition order preventing them from trading. The firm re-opened a month later but later closed down.

A public inquiry into the outbreak headed by Professor Hugh Pennington opened in June, which will seek to establish the source of the outbreak.

Police are also holding a criminal investigation into Mason Jones' death.

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