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Last Updated: Monday, 2 October 2006, 13:41 GMT 14:41 UK
Quiz: Test yourself on Welsh NHS
Brian Gibbons, Jane Hutt and Patricia Hewitt
Question 9 - Who is the Welsh health minister?
BBC Wales has launched Me and My Health - a month of programmes that take a closer look at the NHS in Wales.

There is also a website that allows users to learn more about how the NHS is run, and make their own decisions about how money should be spent.

Take our own "health fitness test" with a quiz on the health service in Wales.

If you're stuck, read the Me And My Health website, where you can find more information.

Question 1
What is the total budget of the NHS in Wales?
A: 1 billion
B: 3.6 billion
C: 4.4 billion
Question 2
How much of the NHS Wales budget goes to GPs, dentists and other community services?
A: 12 per cent
B: 24 per cent
C: 36 per cent
Question 3
How many local health boards are there in Wales?
A: 11
B: 22
C: 33
Question 4
What is the name of the assembly government's health strategy?
A: A Healthier Nation
B: An Apple A Day
C: Designed For Life
Question 5
When was management of the health service devolved to Wales?
A: 1945
B: 1999
C: 2005
Question 6
Rock singer Mike Peters tells of his battle with leukaemia in the BBC Wales documentary On The Road to Recovery. Which Welsh band does he front?
A: The Alarm
B: Stereophonics
C: Feeder
Question 7
"Radical Midwives" is
A: An American sit-com
B: An email discussion group on maternity issues
C: A newspaper for health workers
Question 8
Which is Wales' biggest hospital?
A: University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff
B: Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor
C: Morriston Hospital, Swansea
Question 9
Who is the Welsh health minister?
A: Dr Brian Gibbons
B: Jane Hutt
C: Patricia Hewitt
Question 10
Which service are the 14 NHS trusts in Wales not responsible for on a day to day basis?
A: Hospitals
B: Dentists
C: Midwives

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