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Last Updated: Saturday, 25 March 2006, 09:47 GMT
Hosepipe ban in Wales 'unlikely'
Llyn Onn reservoir in mid Wales
Welsh Water's reservoirs are all between 92 - 97% full
Dwr Cymru Welsh Water has reassured customers it has no plans to restrict supplies despite a drier than usual winter.

The announcement follows the growing drought crisis in the south-east of England, where hosepipe bans have been introduced.

Welsh Water says its reservoirs are all more than 90% full, which is within the normal range for the time of year.

The company has no plans to transport water to drought-affected areas.

Rainfall during the winter has been lower than average in Wales, but it is still significantly higher than in the south-east of England.

Welsh Water resources manager Steve Gallimore said reservoirs were between 92 - 97% full.

"Although our rainfall has been lower than average over the winter months, it has been far more than has been seen in some other parts of the country," he added.

"We therefore have no plans to ask for restrictions on the use of supplies.

"At present the risk of encountering supply difficulties in Wales is no greater for the coming summer than in any other year."

Use minimum amount needed when boiling in saucepans and kettles
Wash vegetables in a bowl then use leftovers to feed house plants
Keep a bottle of cold water in fridge rather than running the tap until it goes cold
Replace worn washers on leaking taps
Water garden in cool of early morning or evening to reduce water evaporation

"We have not had a hosepipe ban for 15 years in our area and based on the current situation do not anticipate one this year," added Mr Gallimore.

"We do, however, always ask our customers to use water wisely, and not wastefully."

Environment Agency Wales advice includes tips as simple as turning the taps off when brushing teeth and taking a shower instead of a bath.

Welsh Water provides water supply and sewerage services to over three million people living and working in Wales and some adjoining areas of England.

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