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Last Updated: Sunday, 5 March 2006, 13:45 GMT
Cameron 'change' plea to party
David Cameron at the Welsh Tory conference
David Cameron opposed the creation of ID cards

Conservative leader David Cameron has urged his party not to be frightened by the pace of his changes.

In a speech to the Welsh Conservatives' conference in Llandudno, he asked party members to press him to move faster to "make the changes we need".

Mr Cameron also announced the creation of a Welsh task force made up of MPs, MEPs and Welsh assembly members to draw up specific policies for Wales.

The Tory leader's speech closed the two-day party meeting.

'Move faster'

Mr Cameron told the conference: "Don't tell me, please don't tell me that I'm going too quickly.

"Press me and the Conservative team to work harder to move faster to make the changes we need to build the party that we need.

David Cameron arrives at the Welsh Tory conference
Mr Cameron's speech closed the Welsh Tories' conference

"If we can be that modern compassionate Conservative party we will once again, in this generation - confident in our values, clear in our ambition - be able to fulfil the dream that brings us all together."

He said the need for a changed Tory Party that was ready for Government was fast approaching as Labour "runs out of ideas".

Mr Cameron also spelt out his opposition to the UK Government's proposals for identity cards.

He said Labour bureaucracy was reaching its "grotesque conclusion in the nightmare waste and shambles of their costly ID-card scheme".

'Plastic poll tax'

He added: "It's going to cost billions, it will curtail freedom and it will fail to protect us in these dangerous times.

"It's a costly scheme, a plastic poll tax, a monument to the failure of big government and we will be the ones who have to tear it down."

The Tory leader also announced the creation of a Welsh task force to look at the application of policies in Wales.

It will include representatives from the Welsh assembly, local government, Westminster and the European Parliament and will be chaired by the shadow Secretary of State for Wales Cheryl Gillan.

During his speech Mr Cameron also said that it was time to move beyond the arguments of the past on devolution, and for the Conservative party to make devolution work for the people of Wales.

He said devolution "means giving power to people to make decisions, and run their own lives" and said the Conservatives were "the party that makes devolution work".

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