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Last Updated: Friday, 12 May 2006, 08:10 GMT 09:10 UK
Plan for assembly base in north
Artist's impression of the new assembly building
The new building could be built on the former Hotpoint factory site
Construction plans for a north Wales base for the Welsh Assembly Government have been unveiled.

It is hoped the new office will be on the former Hotpoint site at Llandudno Junction in Conwy.

A total of 600 people will work in the building, 160 of whom will be transferred from Cardiff.

Ministers hope it will give the assembly a higher profile in the region. Once the project gets planning permission, work will start in autumn.

Construction will take around 55 weeks and materials used will have a strong connection with the north such as slate and copper.

The cost of the building has yet to be determined but an assembly government spokesman confrimed it would be less than 20m.

"Costs will be finalised later in the project as detailed design work is undertaken," he added.

The design of the new office incorporates materials that have a strong association with north Wales - slate, copper and glass
Sue Essex, finance minister

Sue Essex, the finance minister, said the design of the new building had been chosen and contractors HBG Construction Ltd had been selected.

"Work to identify a suitable design and contractor for the north Wales office has progressed rapidly," she said.

"The design of the new office incorporates materials that have a strong association with north Wales - slate, copper and glass - and in keeping with the assembly government's drive to promote sustainable development across Wales, this building will attain a high standard of sustainable construction.

"The building needs to be on a par with the new assembly building in Cardiff Bay in achieving an excellent rating under the Building Research Establishment environmental assessment method.

"This is a significant step in our plan to move more of the services provided by the Welsh Assembly Government closer to communities.

"We want to have a clear and visible presence throughout the whole of Wales, spreading the economic benefits of working for the assembly across Wales and bringing services closer to the people we serve.

"This new building will be a very important presence in north Wales," she added.



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