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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 March 2005, 14:21 GMT
Lloyd George - do you know him?
David Lloyd George
Do you know what Lloyd George did before he became an MP?
Former Prime Minister David Lloyd George is one of Wales' most famous statesmen, but how much do you know about him?

Test your knowledge with our interactive quiz about the "Welsh Wizard".

Click the answers you think are right, and find out how well you have done.

Question 1
Where was Lloyd George born?
A: Manchester
B: Liverpool
C: Birmingham
Question 2
Waht job did he do before he became an MP?
A: Minister
B: Shoemaker
C: Solicitor
Question 3
Which case, which he took to London's Court of Appeal, raised Lloyd George's profile across Wales?
A: The Llanfrothen burial case
B: The Llangollen aqueduct case
C: The Llanrwst railway case
Question 4
How old was he when he was elected MP for Caernarfon Boroughs?
A: 25
B: 27
C: 33
Question 5
In what year did he become Chancellor of the Exchequer?
A: 1908
B: 1912
C: 1915
Question 6
Who did he supersede as Prime Minister in 1916?
A: Andrew Bonar Law
B: H.H. Asquith
C: Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman
Question 7
What is one of his nicknames?
A: The man who saved the war
B: The man who won the war
C: The man who turned the war
Question 8
When did his time as Prime Minister come to an end?
A: 1922
B: 1927
C: 1932
Question 9
When did he become Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor?
A: 1935
B: 1940
C: 1945
Question 10
Where is he buried?
A: On the banks of the River Dwyfor
B: In the parish church yard in Llanfrothen
C: Westminster Abbey

 Press the button and see how you have done

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