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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 March, 2005, 20:26 GMT
Plastic grass 'seeded' at stadium
Pitch with plastic grass implanted
It will take two weeks to complete the implantation
Work has begun on implanting a special type of "grass" in a high-tech pitch for the new stadium in Swansea.

Rows of plastic grass are being threaded into the ground over a two-week period at the 27m site.

Real grass will be grown around the plastic and designers hope it will prevent the pitch suffering the same fate as the Millennium Stadium's.

In one Six Nation game in Cardiff, the pitch was ripped to bits under the pressure of the action.

The ground there is made of real grass put in place on renewable pallets.

The situation should not happen at Swansea, because it is a permanent pitch and the plastic will prevent divots.

The stadium will be home to both Swansea City Football Club and the Neath-Swansea Osprey rugby team when it opens in July.

Plastic grass
The grass will help hold the pitch together

The 20,000 all-seater arena is being built on former industrial waste ground at Landore.

Up to 60 games a year will be played in the stadium.

Pitch consultant Mike Harbridge said: "In the UK, think we've had about five or six years of this type of pitch.

"It is laid in other stadia, mainly where there has been dual use because of the high wear characteristics associated with football and rugby being played in the same stadium, particularly over the winter period."

Steven Evans from Swansea Council added: "The first game is scheduled to for the last week in July and that's a football match.

"There will be a couple of football matches and then in August we're hoping to have our first rugby match."

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