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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 September 2005, 13:39 GMT 14:39 UK
Church defends 'raunchy' new look
Charlotte Church in the video for her album, Tissues and Issues
Church said she would only wear what she was comfortable with
The transformation from Voice of an Angel into a "raunchy" pop singer, was triggered simply by a need for change Charlotte Church has said.

Talking to the BBC about her new single and its burlesque video, Church, 19, said she reached a stage when she wanted to "try something different".

"I did five classical albums. As much as I love it, it's quite restrictive.

"You sing dead composers' songs, and you have to stick to what's in the music, there's not much freedom there.

"So, I wanted to try writing my own songs and just try something different. I mean nothing was planned it wasn't like 'this has been the plan all along,' it's just that I grew up a little bit."

The video accompanying her new single Call My Name - in which Church is dressed in a basque and matching hot pants - is a huge departure from her choir girl image of the past.

Nevertheless, it is an image the Cardiff-based singer is very comfortable with.

"The song is quite raunchy anyway in its lyrics," she added, "so I basically said to the record company and the director 'look, I don't want to be sexy with another guy' because I would feel really weird with that - just not me.

"The director said we want to do kind of backstage at a burlesque show and I said 'okay that's fine, I'll put on whatever you want me to put on but if I'm not comfortable, I'm not wearing it, end of story'."

And as for boyfriend - Wales and Lions rugby star Gavin Henson - Church conceded he probably would not have liked it if the video had been any more sexy that it is.

Church has written eight of the 12 songs on her album, entitled Tissues and Issues, and insisted that they are not a complete betrayal of her classical roots.

"I've always made sure it's always about the music really and image second," she said.

Charlotte Church interviews on BBC Breakfast 6.9.05
The singing star wrote eight of the 12 songs on the album

The teenager, who is constantly pursued by the paparazzi both at home and abroad, said the video should not be an excuse for more intrusion into her life

"They have been following me round like that since I was 16 years old and this is my first "raunchy" video, so to speak, and I really don't think it's that bad compared to what most girls do nowadays - it's only a bit of cleavage.

"The thing is I had thigh-high boots on so it wasn't like I was showing all my legs."

And her well-publicised attempt to quit smoking? Down from 20 cigarettes a day to three - only after meals.

"I've not be using the nicotine patches, just willpower. But I have been told to chew on a straw every time I want a cigarette," she said.

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