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Last Updated: Saturday, 20 March, 2004, 12:01 GMT
Detainee's father leads rally
Azmat Begg in Washington DC
Azmat Begg is calling for the detainees to be released
The father of one of the last British detainees at the US camp in Guantanamo Bay led a peace rally in mid Wales on Saturday to mark the anniversary of the war in Iraq.

About 300 people attended the march, organised by CND Cymru and Aberystwyth Peace and Justice Network, which is part of a world-wide day of action against the occupation of Iraq.

Speakers at the event included Jill Evans MEP and Azmat Begg.

Mr Begg's son, Moazzam, has been in American custody since he was arrested in Islamabad, Pakistan, in February 2002.

Earlier this week Mr Begg told BBC Radio Wales that his 36-year-old son had spent two years in a cell, mostly in the dark, without coming before a court.

"I last heard from him in October, when he said that he had been jogging in his cell but even that luxury had been taken away from him and he just sits in the corner of his cell."

Moazzam Begg
Moazzam Begg has been detained for more than two years
And, he added: "If he's done something wrong, he should be punished, so why don't they bring him to court?"

The event included a march through the town concluding at the Castle Garden.

At the rally chair of CND Cymru, Jill Evans, called for the UN to take control in Iraq.

"The occupation of Iraq has turned into a shambles," said Ms Evans.

"Day after day we hear of more murderous attacks and of the deaths of more innocent Iraqis, aid workers and troops.

'Handover control'

"I do not believe that an end to this bloodshed can be achieved without broader international support.

"I agree with the new Spanish Prime Minister that the only way forward is for the UN to oversee the transition of Iraq to full democracy and I have no hesitation in calling for the US/UK to handover control to the UN immediately."

Earlier this month, five British men were released from the prison camp on Cuba. But four more, including father-of-four Moazzam, from Birmingham, remain in Guantanamo Bay.

At the march Mr Begg talked about the Guantanamo Bay issue and call for the four remaining detainees to be released or face trial in the UK.

Moazzam Begg is believed to have been arrested in Pakistan as a suspected al-Qaeda or Taleban fighter.

Campaigners say the law student was in Afghanistan to teach children, rather than to fight American and British forces.

Plea for Guatanamo Bay release
19 Mar 04  |  Wales

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