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Last Updated: Friday, 4 July, 2003, 16:56 GMT 17:56 UK
Friend warned murder victim
Flat where Lynette White was murdered
Lynette used to work in a flat above a betting shop
Lynette White's best friend recalled how she warned her of the dangers and begged her to stop working as a prostitute.

Elaine Deacon grew up with Lynette and they spent all their time together at their home in Butetown.

"She was a proper tom boy. We used to jump off the jetty by the docks and then jump off Clarence bridge," he said.

Elaine said Lynette became a prostitute when she met a man called Stephen Miller, who was described in court as her pimp.

"She ended up on the street for him because she loved him. She felt loved.

I bet she was screaming my name in that room. I know she was calling me and I wasn't there. That's what kills me.
Elaine Deacon on Lynette's murder
"I was fed up of telling her of the dangers. I begged her and begged her and begged her to stop because I love her you know."

Elaine said Lynette had been attacked while working on the streets when she was robbed and grabbed by her hair.

But she could not persuade her to stop, and said Lynette would always turn to her when things went wrong.

"She came running to me. She was very shaken up, but she still done it again. She was just overpowered by Stephen Miller."

Elaine saw her for the last time the Thursday before she died.

Men wrongly convicted of Lynette White murder
Boyfriend Steve Miller (left) was wrongly convicted of her murder

"She was okay, we had a laugh. She was a lovely girl and it's just a waste of her life."

"I'm so happy that he's been caught - I prayed every night that please god one day they'd catch him and they have.

"If I had a gun I'd shoot him. String him up and hurt him like he done to her.

"I bet she was screaming my name in that room. I know she was calling me and I wasn't there. That's what kills me."

The BBC's Wyre Davies
"This has been one of the most notorious cases in the history of South Wales police"

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