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Last Updated:  Thursday, 13 March, 2003, 17:37 GMT
Lollipop patrols learn self defence
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More courses are planned
Lollipop wardens in Wrexham are learning the art of self defence to defuse possible road rage confrontations.

Concerns about safety follow a rise in cases across the UK and an increase in the number of incidents reported to Wrexham council.

The authority asked the police for their help and a class of 17 lollipop wardens has just completed a course on self defence.

"It seems we are one of the few authorities to do this course," said Sheila Humphreys-Jones, road safety officer.

"We have had drivers failing to stop and one driver got out of his car to complain about being stopped - although nothing happened to the lollipop lady in that instance," said Mrs Humphreys-Jones.

The lollipop wardens were tutored about handling situations verbally with aggressive motorists.

And they were also told how to get out of a motorist's grip if the situation got heated.

Mrs Humphreys-Jones said: "They are now allowed to use their sticks.

Recording details

"We have given them all tape machines so they can record car registration plates if they need to," she added.

"We don't want to give the impression every driver in Wrexham is a road rager."

Mrs Humphreys-Jones said drivers should slow down and leave themselves more time so they do not get frustrated when they are asked to stop.

She admitted it is difficult to recruit lollipop staff because of the problem, even though the job is rewarding.

People don't always wait for the green man and it is teaching children the wrong message
Jane Howells, head teacher

Jane Howells, head teacher at Borras Park Infant School, said her school shares their lollipop lady with the nearby juniors.

She said speeding traffic became a problem near the school, which has 247 children.

Motorists have had to slow down now that sleeping policemen and an island have been installed.

The head added: "Being a lollipop lady takes quite a bit of dedication, they are out there in all weathers and they do a wonderful job."

  • North Wales police is continuing an investigation after a lollipop lady was injured following an alleged road-rage incident.

    A driver's details were reported to the police, said a council spokeswoman.

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