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Third of Welsh MPs repay expenses

A copy of an MP's expenses, as published
MPs' expenses were published online on Thursday but some details were withheld

A third of Welsh MPs have repaid some of their expenses claims, according to a list published by the UK Parliament website.

Fourteen of the 40 Welsh MPs - from all four parties - have already voluntarily repaid allowances.

The sums involved range from £1 to thousands.

The list sets out the amounts that MPs have repaid voluntarily from 1 April to 12 June 2009 in relation to their allowances.

Paul Flynn £135.50. Payment for bill inadvertently TV licence claimed twice in one financial year. There was no claim for previous year - error spotted by his staff and repaid immediately.
Kevin Brennan (2004-05) £94.99. Mistakenly claimed for half a tumble-drier in a shared property - Mr Brennan explained it was an error his staff spotted and then repaid.
Lembit Opik (2006-07) £40.00. Claimed a fine for late payment of council tax -- repaid after this was highlighted by the Daily Telegraph
Julie Morgan £90.00. For late payment of council tax during bereavement, and repaid once realised included
Huw Irranca-Davies (2004-05 to 2007-08) £857.82. A number of errors including claiming for a plastic chair and table set for the renovated garden of his London flat (re-paid after it was highlighted in the Telegraph), donations to Maesteg Town Council for a lights display, a wreath and a poppy donation all of which were spotted by his own staff and re-paid at the time. A claim for a crate of £150 House of Commons Whisky which he is now scheduled to repay.
Madeleine Moon (2005-06) £88.96. Two separate claims - one for £1 was for IKEA gift wrap was claimed inadvertently and repaid as soon as it was spotted. £87.96 was paid back following overpayments by the fees office.
Roger Williams £100.00. Claim for two advertisements in the Brecon & Radnor Express which his office later deemed may not have been appropriate
Alan Williams £219.60. Garden items claimed for over a three year period, and repaid as soon as the error by the MP and fees office was noticed.
David Jones (2006-07) £1039.26. Two claims for mortgage interest for the same month submitted in error, despite the fees office being alerted both items were still processed. The payment was repaid on June 1.
Wayne David (2004-08) £6364.47. Premiums on life insurance policies which had been wrongly advised as claimable items as part of a second home allowance.
Chris Bryant (2005-08) £5743.02.
Adam Price (2005-06) £218.15.
Hywel Francis (2005-08) £430.00.
Mark Williams £200.
Source: and BBC Wales political unit

The Wales Office Minister Wayne David repaid more than £6,000 he'd claimed for life insurance premiums. He said he'd repaid the cash after a mistake by the Commons Fees Office.

Mr David said in a statement: "A mistake had been made by the Fees Office regarding an insurance policy.

"This had not been raised with me by the Fees Office nor by the media but when I had the opportunity to check my allowance forms I realised that mistaken approval had been given and I immediately repaid the money in full."

The Newport West MP Paul Flynn repaid the cost of a TV licence after inadvertently being reimbursed twice.

Cardiff North MP Julie Morgan said she had paid back a £90 extra cost for late paying of council tax in 2007.

"I was late paying at around the time my mother died," she said.

"It was part of the whole bill and I paid it back when I realised it was included."

Bridgend MP Madeline Moon said she had claimed £1 inadvertently for giftwrap from Ikea, which was repaid when it was spotted.

Shadow Welsh secretary Cheryl Gillan repaid a £4.47 claim for dog-food after a story appeared in the Telegraph.

MPs are bracing themselves for more revelations despite the Commons authorities censoring details of claims.

The news comes as the first official details have emerged of the expenses of Welsh MPs, as authorities released the claims of every member of the House of Commons.

This is the first time the details have been published by the authorities.

They have been released by the Commons authorities after a long-running Freedom of Information struggle, although some key details of the claims have been blacked out.

Some information had already been revealed after it was obtained by the Daily Telegraph.

Where it is not clear why a repayment has been made the relevant member has been contacted for their response.

More details of other Welsh MPs' expenses claims will be published by BBC Wales in due course.

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