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Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 April, 2005, 13:37 GMT 14:37 UK
Wales@Westminster weblog

It's Wales@Westminster weblog, BBC Wales' Parliamentary correspondent David Cornock's diary on political life.

Wednesday 20 April

Prescott pulls no punches

posted by David | 1435 BST |

John Prescott's first visit to the election campaign trail in Wales turned out to be less electrifying than his rumble in Rhyl in 2001, but no less entertaining for that.

The deputy prime minister arrived at Croesyceiliog School aboard the Prescott Express when he was approached by South Wales Argus reporter Mark Choueke.

Choueke wanted to know how Peter Law's decision to stand against Labour had gone down with party bigwigs. Prezza's response, as detailed on was robust.

JP - Why are you asking me about this, I don't care, it's a Welsh situation, I'm a national politician. MC - Are you too big to care about the Labour voters in Blaenau Gwent? Do you think there may be something in your party's methods of working that require a rethink when a politician chooses to stand against you after 35 years service to Labour? JP - Where do they get these amateurs from? You're an amateur mate, go get on your bus, go home. MC - Are you too big for the regional press now John? JP - Bugger off - get on your bus you amateur. MC - Is my interview over John? Because if that's all you've got to say, that's what will go in the paper. JP - Ooohh, I'm scared, go ahead, put it in your paper.

He did.

A spokeswoman for Mr Prescott said that he had already answered questions about Mr Law earlier.

She said: "In this particular situation the approach was quite unreasonable and quite unprofessional. There was just one question and the reporter kept going back and back on it."




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