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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 May, 2005, 18:04 GMT 19:04 UK
UK voters' panel: Leigh Webber

Leigh Webber
Name: Leigh Webber
Age: 22
Lives: Leeds
Works: Student
Original voting intention: Conservative
Voted: Labour
In 10 words or less:
"Community-minded final year politics student at Leeds Uni"

When I signed up to the voters' panel, I registered as a Conservative voter.

But, on election day, I saw the error of my ways and voted Labour.

The Conservatives, who looked as if they may be able to pull off a decent campaign, shot themselves in the foot by highlighting the issue of trust.

As Michael Howard scathingly attacked Tony Blair, I certainly noted the irony that after all that has been said and done over Iraq, the Tories would have done exactly the same as Labour and fundamentally supported them. Nobody trusts a backstabber.

And Labour handled the campaign much more convincingly.

Tony Blair regained my support, and he performed well under pressure, notably during the Question Time special. He appears a genuine man.

He was also able to highlight positive changes brought about by Labour, whilst Michael Howard could not build a convincing argument to the contrary, and was merely preoccupied by calling Blair a liar.

I didn't want to vote Labour. However, I could not give credit to the Tories' nauseating election campaign and I lost my confidence that they could run the country well.

In the face of opposition that is far more credible than last time around, Labour lost seats.

The loss of such a large majority has made Labour realise that they are fallible.

The election results mark a happy ending for the opposition and serve as a warning to Labour that, unless they start listening, people like George Galloway will be in a position to take power from them with ease.

Your comments:

I am so glad you changed your mind. You can rest easy without the dark stain of voting for Howard on your conscience.
Chris G, Cambridge, UK

The Tories may have done exactly the same as Labour when presented with the massaged facts, but has Leigh Webber thought what they might have done presented with the truth? Sorry Leigh, Tony Blair succeeded in pulling the wool over your eyes and your vote was a wasted vote.
John Taylor, Cairo, Egypt