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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 May 2005, 17:57 GMT 18:57 UK
UK voters' panel: Paul Holdsworth

Paul Holdsworth
Name: Paul Holdsworth
Age: 19
Lives: Aberystwyth, Wales
Works: Student
Original voting intention: Undecided
Voted: Plaid Cymru
In 10 words or less:
"Politics student with appalling fashion sense"

So there we have it, another Labour victory.

It was fairly inevitable really, and it came at the end of a pretty boring election campaign.

My constituency, Ceredigion, was one of those that fell to the Liberal Democrats.

I'm not too disappointed although I did vote Plaid Cymru in the end.

The Liberal Democrats could well prove to be a positive force in Westminster.

I'm also starting to see now why they are so hung up over proportional representation.

As for the overall results, Labour can now rule with less than 40% of the popular vote.

The highlight of the night came at 4 AM with the news that John Taylor, the relentlessly right-wing Conservative MP for Solihull, the place I grew up, had been defeated by the Liberal Democrats with a massive swing, so it wasn't all bad news!

Overall, the campaign failed to ignite for me.

Too few issues of any importance were discussed and too much effort was placed on dull, stale issues which failed to resonate with much of the electorate.

Your comments:

It was a pretty boring election as usual. But what do you expect with only 70% of voters turning out to vote? More younger people need to vote - it's your future, your country.
Dr David J Holdsworth, Birmingham, West Midlands

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