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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 April, 2005, 14:06 GMT 15:06 UK
Have you made your mind up?
Ballot box
As the election campaign continues the parties fight for the support of the minority of voters - because 57% of them have already decided who to vote for, a poll has suggested.

In the survey for the Financial Times, MORI interviewed 1,001 British adults by telephone between 1-3 April 2005 and found of the remaining respondents, 41% said they may change their minds.

A recent opinion poll carried out on Monday by YouGov for Sky News found that 63% of those questioned stated that they had found the recent campaigning "boring".

Have you been influenced by the parties' election campaigns so far? What do these statistics mean for the campaigns? Have you made your mind up? What, if anything, would convince you to change your affiliation?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received:

This topic was suggested by Jason Garner, UK:
Everyone seems to assume that the parties will follow their manifesto proposals to the letter but can they be trusted?

Sadly instead of voting for the party I want to - the Lib Dems - I am tactically voting for Labour. Why? To keep Mr. Howard from ruining this country by implementing policies gleaned from the Daily Mail and the Sun.
Steve Sharples, Amblecote

The Labour Party did not sort out the economy. Nigel Lawson, Norman Lamont and Ken Clarke did. In between, Blair and Brown have created a pensions crisis, waged a despicable war in Iraq, and attempted to imprison people in their homes without trial. Enough is enough. Goodbye.
Simon, London, UK

We have security and stability with the Labour party, they're not perfect but they are the best of the bunch.
Henry Woodward, Liverpool

I will vote for none. Politics is about persuading the population to vote them onto the gravy train by promising jam tomorrow, and then once in, do all the things that they didn't tells us about.
Bill Doe, Salisbury

I will be definitely voting Conservative as their policies are sound and fast
Michael McLaughlin, Plymouth
I will be definitely voting Conservative as their policies are sound and fast. Labour have slowly decimated the UK over its ghastly 8 years in Government with its spin, blatant lies and weasel words.
Michael McLaughlin, Plymouth

It's the Lib Dems all the way for me. They are the only ones who have consistently said that I'll end up paying more taxes to fund education etc. They have never hidden the fact that to improve services someone has to pay. At least they have front to tell us, and not bamboozle us with vague promises about questionable savings. At the end of the day if you want to spend more, you need to take in more taxes!
Shaun, Southsea

I am 13, but my parents have already decided to vote Lib Dem. I believe that Charles Kennedy is a caring, diligent leader and an honest person. Instead of heavier fines, longer prison sentences etc. the Lib Dems offer better rehabilitation, which would help prevent crime. I fully support the Lib Dems and especially Charles Kennedy, and hope they win the election which is a true possibility.
Samuel Lock, Nottingham

I am doing my best to make up my mind. Is there anyone who can tell me whether Michael Howard had access to exactly the same facts as the PM when he voted for the Iraq war? If he did not have such access was it his duty to ensure that he had all the relevant facts and that nothing was concealed from him? I think that I should be correctly informed on this matter before going to the polls.
J Westerman, Leeds

I'd vote Tory but I'm only 16 so I can't. It's a shame because I can't stand Blair.
Mark Foster, Chorley

I will vote Liberal Democrat - they have plain common sense policie
Mike, Chester
I will vote Liberal Democrat - they have plain common sense policies. I can't abide the thought of Tony Blair carrying on and the policies of the Tory party are absolutely shocking. Its terrifying that such arrogant and selfish policies can be so popular in the 21st Century.
Mike, Chester

This is my first time voting and I definitely will not be voting for Labour. This is largely due to Mr. Blair's inability to tell the truth to the public. Also, how hard is it to keep a hospital clean? I will definitely be voting for the Lib Dems, as I know a lot of my fellow students will be too.
RG, Rochdale

Jack Straw believes that voters "driven away" over Iraq can be recovered. Not this one. I won't be giving forgiveness or even retrospective approval.
Chris Brown, Bury St. Edmunds

I consider myself capable of making my own mind up. I do not need persuading.
Ray, Coventry

The Tories have a bad history and their spokesmen are the same ones that brought the country to its knees! Leopards cannot change their spots and they do not feature in my list of voting opportunities!
D Rugman, Llandysul, Wales

I'm voting Labour because I just can't bear the thought of the Tories ruining the economy
Ian, Bristol
I'm voting Labour because I just can't bear the thought of the Tories ruining the economy, public services etc. They are playing on people's fears about immigration, something they had the nerve to criticise the BNP for. Every government has its faults, but think of the devastation the Tories caused the last time they came to power. Not again please. Also to the people who aren't going to vote. Don't complain about whatever party gets in, you had your chance - what right do you have to have a go.
Ian, Bristol

I will be voting for the first time in this election, and have decided to vote for the Lib Dems. I don't ask much of a Prime Minister, but Tony Blair has broken the one rule I expect a PM to follow. Namely: don't suck up to Republicans!
Simon Letch, Milton Keynes, UK

Vote Lib-Dem, get Labour. Only voting Conservative will prevent another Labour victory and four more years of high tax and failure. What ever you think about the Lib Dems they're not going to be forming the next Government.
Peter, Eastleigh

The Lib Dems dominate my area in South East Leciestershire and for good reason in my eyes. Their policies are realistic and when I listen to what they have to say I feel they really do care. I don't know enough about Respect, but I think their time will come. The Conservatives made such a stuff up the last time round and I just do not trust Labour at all. I think Mr Blair has done moderately well but after Iraq and all the tax increases I give Labour no love. I don't mind paying for people who are genuinely in need but those who cannot get off their backsides and work like the majority of us don't deserve a penny in my eyes. Lazy people get rewarded in this country and I'm frustrated. I want better laws and justice! Control of our borders! Cleaner hospitals! Demanding? No! This is what should be normal.
Priya, Leicester, UK

I received my first election leaflet this morning from Labour. Families, pensioners, education and a phone number for how to claim "benefits". I have no kids, don't go to school, already save for retirement and can't claim any benefits because I work. I really don't see what they have to offer, apart from more taxes to fund these things. I'll be voting Conservative because at least they'll take less of the money I work damn hard to earn.
Mark, Nottingham

Definitely Conservative. Yes we are all thinking what they are thinking - let's get on with it and vote them in. Nothing Blair says would change my mind.
Sophia Rowland, Ipswich

I am voting Tory; because I believe it's time we changed direction. The future under a Labour Government is scary, just think about tax rises, prospects of war, filthy hospitals, jobs outsourced to other countries, poor school standards, joining the Euro etc. it feels like I am selling my soul to the devil.
Oscar, Dagenham

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Yes. I'm thinking a Tory government in 2005! 3 million unemployed, highest mortgage rates for 30 years, inflation highest 25 years. People need to think; but not what the Tories are thinking. They're not thinking of anyone except their rich friends who make a lot of money out of economic crashes by buying assets when everyone is on their knees. Think what I'm thinking: vote carefully.
Darren Hackett, Huddersfield

I'll be voting for SNP. It's time for Scotland to be an independent country so we can decide how to run our own country.
AJ, Edinburgh

I will vote Liberal Democrat for a number of reasons, but above all to get rid of this appalling electoral system.
David Wrede, Aunton UK

I'll be voting Labour in spite of my opposition to the Iraq war. I work in the health service and it is most definitely not safe in Tory hands.
Liz, Worthing, West Sussex

While I realise there are problems under the Labour administration I cannot forget the 18 years of abject misery, 3 million unemployed, 16% interest rates and destruction of the manufacturing base under the Conservatives.
P Shill, Swansea

I am an 82 year old pensioner. I've heard it all before
Syd, Maesteg Mid-Glamorgan
I am an 82 year old pensioner. I've heard it all before. It's the youngsters I feel sorry for. They have no way of comparing one government from another. The wrong vote could very well find them fighting a war they do not believe in. It is well to remember that all politicians live in a make-believe world of aggrandisement.
Syd, Maesteg Mid-Glamorgan

Having always been a Conservative, I am thoroughly disenfranchised by the current leadership that took us into war and are covering up their identity crisis over Europe by pursuing what I see as blatant racist policies. I am switching to Lib Dem.
Ivan Lowe, Teddington

One thing's for sure, we don't want another government with a big majority with all the arrogance that goes with it. A better way is to have a hung parliament so that a third party acts as a 'watchdog.' Lib Dems could play a key role and if enough people disillusioned with the present set up do something about it they could make a real change for the better. Think about it!
Tony Mayes, Worthing, West Sussex

I'm not going to vote. Until proportional representation is introduced there is no point. I live in a hugely Conservative area so who I vote for is irrelevant. Charles Kennedy would get my vote (or rather the Liberal candidate would) so instead I prefer to add my missing vote to the millions who don't think our 'democracy' is in full working order.
John Farmer, Henley-on-Thames, UK

The Tory plans to cut public spending are short-sighted
Sue Wright, Peterborough, Cambs
Despite the fact that I have issues with the Labour Party over Iraq, they provide the best chance to continue to give us economic stability. The Tory plans to cut public spending are short-sighted.
Sue Wright, Peterborough, Cambs

I am dismayed by those who say they will not vote. Have these people no idea of the sacrifices others have made in the past just to have the right to a free vote? It is a disgrace not to vote and those who don't will have no right whatsoever to complain about anything the next government does.
Graham McElligott, Liverpool

Wouldn't it be funny if, like Australia, we had a "none of them" option on the ballots, and no-one got voted in?
Sophie, Winchester, England

Will the people who are not going to vote because they don't believe any of the politicians please think again. Not voting at all can be passed off as 'voter apathy', whereas spoiling your ballot paper shows you could be bothered to turn up, but there was no one worth voting for. At the last local election I wrote "none of the above" even though it wasn't an option.
Pete, UK

I am nearly 30 and this is the first time I am allowed to vote in a general election. Being a South African (of British descent) who has lived here for nearly 7 years I have never been allowed to vote in any of the South African elections. So am really looking forward to casting my vote in May and can't understand why some people couldn't be bothered to vote.
Ian Gardiner, London

Labour has reaped the rewards which are slowly being eroded by growing levels of taxation
Art, UK
The 18 years of Conservative government created the economic infrastructure from which Labour has benefited. It was tough at the time, but Labour has reaped the rewards which are slowly being eroded by growing levels of taxation. If this carries on, then all the beneficial free markets changes will be lost. The solution: vote Conservative.
Art, UK

Given all the people saying about the damage that the Conservative Party did to the country, would they be so kind as to qualify their statements? All I have read is just party political propaganda and people believing what they want to hear. Whatever people may think, the Tories saved this country by removing Union domination of the economy which was destroying the economy we relied on. Also when you think about unemployed, just consider the seven million people of working age on benefit! Don't think that is comparable!!
Tony, East Peckham, Kent

Labour has shown stability in governing the country and done much to improve the lot for those with learning disabilities therefore I will vote Labour.
Mike Claydon, Salisbury, England

I won't be voting Labour because of their stance over the war and I won't be voting Tory because of their stance over everything else. Pity I live in England, my choice is Plaid Cymru.
James Beattie, Preston, England

I think that the government should discourage the outsourcing of jobs abroad - this is having heavy consequences on call centres etc. We should keep jobs in the UK where we need them! This will help to keep our economy strong.
James, Peterborough

What's wrong with voting in a party that will reduce its role in society and our lives?
Khaled Shivji, London, UK
What's wrong with voting in a party that will reduce its role in society and our lives? We're all capable of making our own decisions so I'll be voting Tory to promote freedom of choice.
Khaled Shivji, London, UK

I'll vote for any party that will bring us out of the EU. That way we can secure our borders and those in power can subsidise Rover without EU sanction.
Arron Clements, United Kingdom

Not particularly happy with Blair but feel that Labour have done enough on the economy to deserve another chance. I am of the generation that turned 16 in 1980 and remember the uncertainty under the 18 years of Tory rule. I would not want to return to that era again under Howard.
Tony, Kingston, Surrey

I would like to vote Green but they don't stand round here so I'll probably have to put up with voting Lib Dem although their record on the environment is at best erratic. I hope that Blair gets a good kicking over Iraq whatever happens.
Baz Tregear, Derbyshire

As a student of politics, I will be voting Labour. I feel that they have started to fix Britain after the mess the Tories left it in. The Tories are still the same old party and haven't learnt from their mistakes, nor have they updated their old-fashioned ideas.
Geraint, Wales, UK

Labour is ruining this country and driving out anybody with any money. Get rid of the nanny state!!
Mike, UK

Green Party all the way.
Nicolas Hambis, London, England

The Lib Dems look better then usual but my vote will certainly go to the Conservatives
ohn, Newcastle
I am sick and tired of hearing from Labour about some Tory hidden agenda. When will Labour come clean and expose their agenda of substantial tax increases if they win the election? Hard working families do not need any more of these crippling tax rises hitting hard working people. The Lib Dems look better then usual but my vote will certainly go to the Conservatives!
John, Newcastle

Conservative - common sense approach to problems and issues.
G E Batki-Braun, Purley, England

The thought of seeing Michael Howard outside the door to Number 10 fills me with dread. How could anyone want to go back to the days of four million unemployed, interest rates at 15%, home repossessions and the NHS being chronically starved of funding? Howard's record speaks for itself.
Arvinder Dhesi, Nottingham, UK

I'll be voting Conservative. Tony Blair has ruined this country.
Sharon, Havant

I will be voting Labour but with less enthusiasm than last time. I am afraid I can't vote for the Conservatives - Howard seems intent on basing the Tory manifesto on what appeared on the front page of The Sun or The Daily Mail the previous week. His use of misleading crime figures in newspaper advertisements is just one example of how he is trying to scare the electorate. Something of the night indeed.
Dan, Ware, Herts

I will be voting Labour as I believe they are the only ones to be trusted with the UK economy. But I would like Labour to get tough on the gangs of youths roaming our streets also on immigration.
Aileen, Beckenham, UK

I think that the current government needs a wake-up call
Keith, Bristol
The policies of all the major parties have merits and flaws, but I think that the current government needs a wake-up call. I shall therefore not be voting for the Labour candidate in my area, but for whoever is most likely to reduce her (substantial) majority. So my vote will either go to the Liberal Democrats or the Conservatives.
Keith, Bristol

When Michael Howard was Home Secretary he was responsible for women in childbirth being chained to their beds. I have never forgotten that and I hope that people who are tempted to vote for the Conservatives will remember that and other appalling Tory policy.
P Thornton, Horsham, UK

I will be voting Conservative. The reason? All Labour has done since 1997 is screw the taxpayer for every penny it can get. Hospitals are filthy under Labour, immigration is soaring, Europe has more control of our lives and school standards are dropping. It's all Labour's fault. Even though I'm 23, life was much better under Thatcher.
Graham Robinson, Dartford, UK

Nothing will convince me to vote Conservative. I have too long a memory for the damage they did last time they were in power with Michael Howard in the cabinet. Labour won't get my vote either with Blair at the helm. He failed to repair the damage the Tories did and took us to a war against the wishes of the country.
Richard Bagnall, Cambridge, UK

I will be voting Lib Dem as usual but this time it is purely to keep to Tories at bay. Mr Howard sounds so false to me, just coming up with what he thinks people want to hear. Mr Blair has taken a most difficult problem - the Iraq war - and followed what he believes to be right. I firmly believe he did what he thought was required given the information he received at the time. If the other party leaders say they would have waited for concrete proof then it could have been Hitler's Munich all over again. So it's Labour for me.
Steve Burman, Eastleigh, UK

As a pensioner I can honestly say that the standard of living for my wife and I has never been better. We run a car, have plenty of food and have no complaints about our NHS service. Free prescriptions, heating allowance, help with the Council Tax and many other things we would not get from a Tory government. There isn't a shred of sincerity coming from Mr Howard. Give me the team of Blair and Brown anytime.
John Beal, Newport, Gwent, South Wales

The recent reports on global warming have been largely ignored by the major parties
David Emburey, Oxford
The recent reports on global warming and the state of the global environment have been largely ignored by politicians of the major parties. What I expect from their manifestos is more fiddling while the world burns. The only party with policies commensurate with the threat is the Green Party.
David Emburey, Oxford, UK

I want to punish Labour and Blair for taking us to war by voting for a minor party. But, on the other hand, I don't want to risk doing that if the margin is so close there's a chance the Tories could win. What should I do?
Jonathan Fisher, Manchester, UK

I haven't seen who is standing in my constituency yet so I don't know who I will be voting for. What I do know is that it will not make the slightest difference as I live in a Tory stronghold so unless I vote for them my vote is absolutely wasted. Bring on proportional representation. At least my vote counted in the European elections.
Karen, Southampton, England

Basically - because of their racist immigration policies - there is absolutely no way that I will vote for either Conservative or Labour. As the Lib Dems have no hope at all, I'll probably support Respect.
Julian, UK

Ask not what your country can do for you
"Ask not what your country can do for you." Reading this post is like reading a Christmas wish list at a nursery school. I want this, I want that: but I don't want to pay for anything. The British electorate is nothing more that a spoilt little child. As for those who are going to spoil their ballots, or just not bother to turn up: your actions disgust me. People fought for the right to vote and you are an insult to their memories. We may as well reinstate an executive Monarchy if you can't be bothered to go to the polls.

Like the majority of British people, I cannot imagine another Tory government, ever. My flesh still crawls when I see Howard and his non-descript shadow cabinet. They are the latest incarnation of the 'nasty party' with their racist agenda and dangerous policies on the public sector. Labour have made mistakes, but Britain is a far better place to live, to work, to be sick, to be young, to be old than it ever was (or ever could be) under the Tories. For those who think it is time for a change here is a message: stop believing every hysterical media story.
Alan, York, UK

This will be my first opportunity to vote in a general election. It greatly disturbs me to have so little choice. In my heart I support the Lib Dems, but I believe they have little chance of coming into power, so I find myself in a dilemma. As much as the idea of tactical voting ruins politics, I feel I have no choice but to vote for Labour, simply to stop the Conservatives getting into power. Why is it that the UK is so far behind the majority of the world in that we don't have a proportional representation system?
Samantha Brooks, Aberdeen

Conservatives. No question. Not a huge fan of Michael Howard but I think Labour have done an appalling job and the Lib Dems will tax people like me (ie hard working middle classes) to the hilt, so he seems like the lesser of all evils!
Lianne, Manchester

It has to be tactical voting this time. In this case it's Lib Dem, but if it was Tory I'd have voted for them.
Martin Sharp, London

I certainly won't be voting for any of the main three parties
Tim, Woking, Surrey
I certainly won't be voting for any of the main three parties so I'm sure my vote will be 'wasted' under this flawed system. However, I would rather vote for a party I actually believe in than simply the second worst party to get Labour out, like many people will be.
Tim, Woking, Surrey

I will be voting for Respect. Their policies are based on strong principles and a vision of a just and fair society, without all the negativity of the other parties. If only the media would stop focusing purely on the big three 'free market' parties, people would have more of a chance to consider Respect as a serious alternative.
Joe, London

There isn't anything the Labour party could say to make me vote for them. I'm tired of having my money spent on people who don't work, on other people's children, and on asylum seekers. Maybe the Conservatives won't be any better - but at least they're not the same people who have already kicked me in the teeth.
Christy, Newcastle

Despite supporting the war and the government over tuition fees, I'll be voting Lib Dem this election. I don't expect them to form an administration but I trust their instincts over a broader range of issues..
Robert, Cambridge

Lib Dem for me. I think the polls are way off and they'll do very well this time around
Pete , Macclesfield
Lib Dem for me. I think the polls are way off and they'll do very well this time around. Howard is performing well in PMQs, Blair looks old and tired at the moment. Many people seem stuck in their ways - give them a chance, I think we'd be pleasantly surprised.
Pete , Macclesfield

Yes - it won't be the Tories. I am getting sick to death of their scare tactics and their infatuation with immigration. I want my family to live in a civilised society. They have nothing sensible to offer other than fear and that is the language of the insurance industry.
Mo, Taunton

I never thought I'd ever vote for a right-wing party but the Tories get my vote this time, just to stop this small island from burgeoning under the strain of yet more immigrants. None of the other main parties take this issue seriously enough or they actually condone a greater influx. Some people need to open their eyes to what's happening.
Dan, St Albans

Tories in their slogan asks: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Yes, I am thinking that you are second rate opportunists who would turn this country into an awful have and have-nots class-divided state, as we had in the 1980's. The Tories are not thinking what you and I are thinking.
Chris Ivory, Bristol

The Lib Dems are the only ones who are credible: Howard's populism is unspeakable and Labour lacks vision.
Cavan, Sussex

The Conservatives have always set the agenda and with distinctive bold policies
Al Gunn, Leeds
In terms of how they have conducted their campaign so far, Michael Howard and the Conservatives have been far and away the best. They have always set the agenda and with distinctive bold policies.
Al Gunn, Leeds

I've not made up my mind yet. So I'll monitor what is said and published over the next few weeks, and try and assess which party's policies match my thinking. I suspect it may boil down to either the Lib Dems or the Greens, only time will tell.
Des, Penarth, Glamorgan

Some of the smaller parties have some REALLY interesting things to say! I think there will be some surprises in store.
Ron, London

Perhaps if the general election was converted into a reality TV show more people would be inclined to vote. There is such little difference in the main parties that voters feel it to be a waste of time, and politicians make promises just to get votes. When voting we should remember who took this country to war in Iraq dishonestly.
Andy, Flint

I am not a voter yet, but I think the government is better with labour. Conservative doesn't have clear vision for the country.
Cesar, London

I am undecided as yet for the simple reason that none of the parties are offering a real alternative to the sub-social democratic bureaucracy that rules contemporary Britain. However having said that I must encourage everyone to use their vote as it is all the people have left with which to make a difference.
Nigel Wilson, Buckingham, UK

I find Charles Kennedy more convincing than the other two. He also has an air of confidence (not at all smug). Blair and Howard come across as clutching at straws. He is quite simply a refreshing, even tempered likeable person, whose policies make sense and his goals are realistic, so I will be voting Lib Dem.
Irene, Isle of Wight

Lib Dems for policy, Labour to prevent a Tory victory and Tories to prevent a Labour victory
Tom, Loughborough, Leicester
Lib Dems for policy, Labour to prevent a Tory victory and Tories to prevent a Labour victory. I'm with Dave Rushworth and the idea of a 'none of the above' box. And proportional representation. And abolition of the Lords, and legal requirements to make sure election promises are kept, and more referenda on key issues, and... hmmm, anarchy anyone?
Tom, Loughborough, Leicester

I shall be voting Conservative. Labour has poured huge amounts of money into the health service without the necessary reforms so they have patchy results. I also agree with the Tories on Europe, immigration and crime and punishment.
Agnes, Edinburgh, Scotland

Everything about the Tory policies reeks of aiding the rich
Elaine, Glasgow
As an NHS worker, I will vote Labour because I see the improvements in the service. It may not be perfect but it's always improving. If the Tories are elected, I (and no doubt) lots of other NHS staff will be in an uncertain position, awaiting the service cuts, job losses, poor wages and reductions in funding seen previously. Everything about the Tory policies reeks of aiding the rich and leaving the rest of us to fund their private operations and schools.
Elaine, Glasgow

Blair is confident he will be back in power. He knows that Kennedy will back him, as he did in Scotland, if there is a hung parliament. If we are to get rid of Blair we must all vote for Howard.
John , Exeter, England

I want to vote "None of the above". If enough of us did that we might get policies that suit the people not the politicians. What about the 75% of the electorate who didn't vote Labour last time? They were very poorly represented in the last parliament.
Dave Rushworth, Lancaster, England

Undecided. All parties appear bereft of constructive ideas about what they'd like to do if elected.
Megan, Cheshire

I thought I had made up my mind but I wasn't quite sure. Now I'm sure that I haven't made up my mind yet. A very confusing state of affairs indeed.
Mark, USA

If there was one vote for a local MP and one vote for the prime minister, however, I would choose Labour at a local level
Adrian, Wrexham, UK
If I was old enough to vote, I would vote for the Liberal Democrats. While the Labour Party has given us a good government, which has been socially progressive, and has done wonders for the economy, the Iraq war has caused me to distrust Tony Blair. If there was one vote for a local MP and one vote for the prime minister, however, I would choose Labour at a local level.
Adrian, Wrexham, UK

When will someone remind Michael Howard that it was he and the Tory Party who got rid of all the NHS matrons, disbanded the trainee nurse courses and privatised the hospital cleaning business. As the saying goes, are you thinking what we're thinking.
Geoff Robinson, Flintshire, Wales

Myself, my family, and indeed my country have been let down by New Labour's failure to deliver on their manifesto promises. I voted them in originally, and have been trying to undo that mistake ever since. I have not decided who will get my vote yet, but I am absolutely certain that it will NOT be Labour!
Colin, Motherwell, Scotland

I wouldn't dream of helping the Tories by voting for any party other than Labour. Besides, Gordon's a decent sort. I am happy to pay higher taxes for a better society and don't trust those who think that it can all be done for less.
Holl, Norwich

I will be voting Conservative because they will reform public services not just spend extra money and hope for the best!
Jack Stone, Southend on Sea.

This government have turned a one-time political activist into an abstainer!
Trish, Chester
I joined the Labour party frightened by the Thatcher victory in 1979. 21 years later I left feeling unwanted by the "new" regime. I am ashamed to say this election is likely to be the first time that I will not cast my vote. This government have turned a one-time political activist into an abstainer!
Trish, Chester

If the people who say they're voting Liberal Democrat actually went and voted for them instead of calling it a wasted vote, then they would be more than likely to beat tired, lying Labour and completely unbelievable Conservative. I for one will be - even if it's just to get rid of the Conservatives.
Katie, Hull, East Yorks

I have been angry with this government over many issues, but I remember the economic mess the Tories got the country into. Labour again for me.
Ted, London

I am always a floating voter, prepared to listen to each party's proposals and vote accordingly. The only decision I have made thus far is that I will not be voting Labour: they lied about tuition fees when I was a student; they lied about tax increases when I started work, they lied about WMDs in Iraq, and now they're lying about economic stability. I'm sceptical about any politician being entirely honest, but Labour have repeatedly stabbed me in the back, and will pay the price for it on 5 May.
Chris, UK

The choice is a Tory government or a Labour one. Britain is booming and it's not by accident. Labour has done wonders for our nation. It's not spin. Just think back to the Tories. And don't listen to Lib Dem. They are dishonest, unprincipled, anti-political politicians interested only in their careers than hard working families.
John Johnston, Durham, UK

Were I old enough to vote, my choice would undoubtedly be for the Greens - not solely due to their emphasis on the environment, but because they are the only party pursuing a radical, progressive left wing agenda. Redistribution; heavy investment in public services and re-nationalisation; nuclear disarmament; economic localisation to conquer the ills of globalisation; the inspired idea of 'Citizens' Income; commitment to democracy at work and Trade Unionism; and countering the power of big business. The Greens are not about putting the environment before all else - they are about building a sustainable society based on equality and democracy. Remember, the only wasted vote is one in which you do not believe!
John, Somerset

We have been given no choice between the two Tory Parties (one of them masquerading as "New Labour") I will not be voting for either of them - and the Lib Dems are worse than useless. I will not be making up my mind until I see who is standing - and if I see nothing that satisfies me I will mark my paper with "none of the above" Unfortunately this will be construed as a spoilt paper and ignored by the authorities. It is time we were given the option to reject all candidates and that vote made to count.
John, Notts

We cannot expect services without paying for them
Val Dyson, Weston-super-Mare, England
I feel Charles Kennedy has the right idea. We cannot expect services without paying for them. Council tax should be income related as assessing the value of one's property is a waste of money as prices are always variable from year to year and area to area.
Val Dyson, Weston-super-Mare, England

Definitely Conservative or UKIP. One thing everyone seems to forget is that Labour and the Liberals will be pushing for the EU Constitution, whereby the House of Commons is reduced to a town hall, and all major decisions in our lives are made by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, rather than elected politicians in London.
Graham, Southampton

We spent more on paying off our national debt than on the health service under the Tories - what else do you need to know? Oh o.k. here's more: we had 3 million people unemployed, negative equity, high mortgage rates, high inflation and a crumbling NHS. I am constantly amazed that anyone could think about voting Conservative when their leader was an architect in all that was wrong with them. However bad Labour may or may not be, they have brought stability to our economy and massive spending in our public services. What short memories we have!
Iain, UK

I'm voting Conservative. I'm sick of the stealth taxes and the spin
John, Farnborough
I'm voting Conservative. I'm sick of the stealth taxes and the spin. I'm afraid of how Gordon is going to fill the black hole created by grossly inflated job creation in the civil service.
John, Farnborough,

Without any doubt Conservative. How anyone can live another election under Labour is beyond me. I do not trust any of them and I have not seen any improvements in this country in the last eight years. The thought of identity cards sends a shiver down my spine.
Dawn, Kent

Yup, will not cut off my nose to spite my face, so I will vote Labour, despite Iraq.
Brian, UK

Darren in Stevenage: One of the worst pension systems in the world? It's really difficult to comprehend how someone can be so ill informed as to make such a statement.
Alan, Blackpool, UK

I encourage you all to vote Lib Dem and find out how great they are
Pete Simpson, Colchester, Essex
In Colchester we are lucky enough to have a Lib Dem MP, who has proved to us just how hard Lib Dems work for their constituents. I encourage you all to vote Lib Dem and find out how great they are. Nothing I can see would now convince me to change my affiliation from the Lib Dems.
Pete Simpson, Colchester, Essex

It seems to me that the present government has made at least as many mistakes as the last Tory government, only quicker.
Richard Poole, Hampshire

We have spent the last 8 years listening to Tony Blair say 'we will deliver, more needs to be done, give us more time'. Labour complain that they have made progress and that people are failing to recognise this, but people always feel let down because Tony Blair's style leads us to believe politicians have no limits as to what they can do. Politicians can only really deliver a limited set of priorities. Labour's only priority seems to be winning elections. The Lib Dems may seem honest and have some good ideas but in the end the real battle is between Labour and Conservative. My vote will go to the Conservatives, at least Michael Howard isn't pretending he can please everyone all of the time- he's just being straightforward about real issues which I happen to agree with.
David, Suffolk, UK

I've read many of the comments in this thread and frankly I'm appalled by the ignorance and thinly disguised racism. When you vote for a party you are voting for human beings with all their failings. Changing the government is not magic; it's about little things that make life a little more bearable such as 20 days holiday. Also it's about little things that make life worse, like having to work on Sundays because other people have to have choice. Lib Dems want to get rid of that dreadful council tax, so I think I'll vote for them.
John, Totnes, Devon

We all need RESPECT. They are the only party wanting troops immediately withdrawn from Iraq
George, London
We all need RESPECT. They are the only party wanting troops immediately withdrawn from Iraq, opposing the increase in the pension age for public servants and supporting the sacking of private companies behind the school dinners fiasco, dirty hospitals and the PPP Tube rip off.
George, London

I'm old enough to remember the Labour Governments of the 70's and the mess they made. As a young married man I had to put up with rampant unionism resulting in rubbish in the streets, the dead unburied and incompetent public services. It was Margaret Thatcher who 'bit the bullet' and sorted out the mess resulting in the strong economy Labour inherited. It's taken two Labour terms to start making a mess of it and if they are elected again it we will start seeing the results; the warning signs are there. They are starting to run out of money. Also I could not vote for any party which blatantly goes back on a stated manifesto promise i.e. the introduction of tuition fees. So I shall be voting Conservative.
Graham, Altrincham, UK

Despite being a student, I plan to do the "unfashionable" thing and vote Conservative. In the past I've voted for several different parties, but this time I think the Tories offer something different that is greatly needed. They, like Labour, intend to increase spending in the public services, but unlike the Labour party they intend to cut out unnecessary bureaucracy and improve the efficiency of these services. We need to recognise that Labour has succeeded in effecting a major shift so that all the parties now recognise that the public services do need higher levels of funding, but it is now only the Tories who are offering to take this to the next level and to make sure that we also get good value for money.
Chris, Oxford, UK

I can't possibly vote Labour this time; not only the war but the Terrorist Act and the draft Mental Health bill show that Blair has no respect at all for personal freedoms and the rule of law. It's a huge shame because their social policies have been excellent, but at some point I need to make a stand and this is it. So it will almost certainly be a reluctant Lib Dem.
Louise, West Midlands

I never thought I would say this but I will be voting for the British National Party
Nick, Stockport
I have always voted Labour in the past and I never thought I would say this but I will be voting for the British National Party. They are the only party that are really serious about stopping immigration. There are too many British people still living on the poverty line. Immigration Watch estimated between 1 and 2 million immigrants have come to this country while Labour has been in power. I am sure many of them are good hard working people and I don't wish them any harm but I want the tax I pay to benefit British people.
Nick, Stockport

I am 21 and a first time voter and I will most definitely be voting Labour. I think Tony Blair is the best Prime Minister this country has ever seen and respect most of his decisions. Although some people don't like him for things like the war on Iraq etc, I try and forget about that and look at what my Labour MP has done locally and Michael Foster and the Labour council in Hastings have literally changed Hastings from a dump to a wealth of opportunity and regeneration. For goodness sakes don't let the Tories back in and wreck eight great years!
Phil Carey, Hastings, UK

Hardly anyone trusts Tony Blair anymore, while the Tories are a busted flush and hopelessly split. If only all of those people who say they "would vote for the Lib Dems" if they "thought they had any chance" actually went out voted for them on polling day - then the Lib Dems would win by a mile! I, for one certainly will.
John Jay, Walton on Thames, UK

I have made my mind up purely on the policies that affect me and my family alone. Why should I care about anyone else? I don't want to see my tax money continually wasted by Labour and I don't want to see the Liberal Democrats tax working families into poverty. I will vote Conservative knowing that I will pay less tax and I wont have to worry about so much of my tax money being handed out to those who can't be bothered to work.
Stewart, Bristol

At this moment, it's the Greens
David, Herts, England
I fit into the group of 'lifetime Labour voters who despise Blair'. Labour will continue to capitalise on our inherent hatred of the Tories, but a line has to be drawn. I'll probably vote on an issue ignored by all the major parties; the environment. At this moment, it's the Greens.
David, Herts, England

"Don't vote, it only encourages them!" - I once saw this scrawled on a wall near a roundabout in Exeter. I agree with the sentiment that we need a 'none of the above' on our ballot papers.
JP, Bucks, England

I trust not marking my ballot paper will give my vote to the Apathy Party.
Peter, Crowborough

Had the Tories gone for a radical self-help agenda under Portillo with a positive attitude to diversity and opposed to identity cards, the erosion of liberty and welfare dependency I might have been tempted. But as it is Howard just brings back memories of the late Thatcher years and the dreadful stagnation of the Major fiasco. It will have to be Labour. But I do not like identity cards, they worry me, not for now, but for the future.
Martin Smith, London

Tactically - Tories. Yes, I grew up in the Thatcher years. Yes, I remember how they dealt with the working class and those on the poverty line (my mother was one of those single mothers), but now, as middle class with one child, Labour is crippling me in tax. My husband and I can't even afford to buy a house. If I was to vote for the party to do the best job it would be the English Democrats.
Yates Family, Suffolk

If I was 18, it would be Lib Dem
Student, Cambs
I am 15 and in 3 years time I'll be going to university, as a student wishing to study medicine it means 6 years of paying 3,000 pounds in Blair's unfair top-up fees. Also, The Tories want to have a higher rate on student loans so the only other alternative is Liberal Democrat, I also agree with most of their policies. If I was 18, it would be Lib Dem.
Student, Cambs

To James, Ilford: Tony Blair is NOT working his socks off for us. He like every other politician in government Selfish, self interested, a nice house in the country, huge pay increases and a massive pension when he retires. All this whilst taking the pension rights away from key workers in the NHS and in the education system. Sack all the MPs, scrap the party system and have a parliament made up purely of independents
Mike, UK

I will vote for any party which promises to ban postal voting. As anyone who has moved house will know, unless you cross off the names of the previous owners of your house when the voting register form comes round, their names stay on it. Theoretically, you could put any names you like on the list, and then send in forms for postal ballots. For all we know, half the votes cast at the election could be by people who don't even exist.
Mark Wilkes, Durham, UK

If I had a vote then I would put my X into the Conservative candidate's box
Richard, Dudley
As a 16 year old student I will not be old enough to vote, which is sad as I study politics at college. If I had a vote then I would put my X into the Conservatives candidate's box without any hesitation.
Richard, Dudley

With serious misgivings it's got to be Blair again, but simply because the other two are worse. Michael Howard is an opportunist who making impossible promises that he'll never be able to keep. Kennedy is preaching lunacy - promising to be "tough on crime" while wanting to give prisoners the vote & scrapping the life tariff for murder. The various independents are one policy parties who lack the experience to run the country.
Peter, Nottingham

I look into my children's eyes when they ask for new clothes or toys, then I look into my wallet and see how much money I have left after the various taxes are taken out. I will not go begging to Labour and become dependent on their handouts, I regard it as selling my vote and I will not do that, it's the last thing that I own. I urge people not to vote Labour as they'll keep us dependent on them for our day to day living and keep us in fear of losing the demoralising handouts whenever its election time.
Robert Bahrani, London, UK

I hate Labour and the Tory's immigration plans. I also hate the fact that both parties supported the war. If I was old enough the Lib Dems would get my vote even if they are not perfect
John, Glasgow

I will vote Lib Dem. I was once a Labour supporter but I do not trust either Labour or Tories not to take us into another US led war. I will now vote Lib Dem, their policies make the most sense, they had the courage to stand up to the US Administration over the Iraq issue. It is high time we had an electoral change that will reflect the votes rather than the first past the post that we have now which is not reflective. For those that were opposed to the war but feel that voting Lib Dem is a waste of time - no it is not, if enough people vote for them it will force a change of electoral system.
Lynda, Leicester

Anyone who is voting Conservative must have a short memory
Alex, London, UK
Anyone who is voting Conservative must have a short memory. During their 18 years in power crime doubled (even though 'toughness' increased through their policies) and almost all of the public services where run down. Howard Flight admitted that they would continue with these disastrous policies.
Alex, London, UK

Yes I have. I definitely wont be voting for a lying, warmongering prat who's only real achievement has been to give nearly all of his mates jobs in a so called 'democratic' government.
Simon, London

If you want to better yourself vote Conservative, if you want to live on handouts vote Labour. If you are weak, vote Liberal Democrat. When Labour took over we had one of the best pensions systems in world. Now it's the worst. We had a budget surplus, now the country owes billions. As regard to the economy, that is down to the Bank of England. The reason Labour gave it to them is they new they could not look after it themselves. Labour will no doubt get in this time but when they start putting up taxes to clear our debt, the following election will be a land slide to the Tories.
Darren, Stevenage

To Nik Devlin, you can't vote for the Lib Dems because they will come a distant third. Fair enough. Where do the Greens come in your constituency, out of interest? I doubt it's second.
Paul Watson, London, UK

It has to be Labour. Who on earth would want a Prime Minister whose idea of confronting issues head on is by peering over a hedge at Gypsies from half a mile away.
Mike DaVine, Dorset

If someone wants my vote then they should tell me why I should vote for them - not why I shouldn't vote for someone else
Mike, Barnet, UK
What campaigning?? All they've done so far is slag each other off. No wonder people like me don't know who to vote for, as no party is promoting themselves, just putting the others down. If someone wants my vote then they should tell me why I should vote for them - not why I shouldn't vote for someone else.
Mike, Barnet, UK

Each party has policies that I like and dislike. I agree with Labour on the economy and public services, the Conservatives on immigration, the Lib Dems on income tax, the Greens on the replacement of VAT with an eco-tax. It's impossible to know who I'm going to vote for at this stage.
Matthew, London, UK

Made my mind up? Yes. "It's the economy, stupid?". Party campaigns? It is remarkable that some people have fallen for the Tory lie that the Blair cannot be trusted because of the Iraq war. The Tories themselves voted for the war on the basis of the same facts available to the PM. If they now try to argue that they did not, they are accusing themselves of incompetence and/or dereliction of duty.
J Westerman, Leeds, UK

If I was at home, I would be voting Labour, but I know that at university, the only way to get rid of our Lib Dem MP is to vote Tory.
Chris, St Andrews

No-one is better off under Labour. It's the core Labour principle - keep people poor, then appear to give better benefits. The cost of housing alone has destroyed any possible improvement in the cost of living. I wish someone in politics would show some imitative and imagination.
Dave G, Hereford UK

I'll be voting Respect simply because I don't trust the main three parties. The Lib Dems supported the occupation of Iraq and I see the Greens as a single issue environmentalist party who pretend to be something more. That's why I'm voting Respect.
Phil Stroud, Slough

I'm voting Lib Dem because they are the only party who stand on their principles are not swayed by the latest Daily Mail headline, and because I don't want to live in a police state.
Dr Colin Walklin, Canterbury, UK

Any party which promises to change our unfair electoral system, which means the Liberal Democrats! They also have excellent policies.
Chris, Bristol, UK

People keep digging at the Conservatives' boom and bust years. But I can't see what's wrong with it. Boom allows for growth, whilst bust gets rid of the dead-wood. This is compared to Labour's stifling, suffocation of the economy. Of course, there has been no bust since Labour came to power. But if you look at the figures, the UK's economy is practically where it was in 1997 compared with the US's growth of over 50% in the same period. The reason why there's been no bust is simply because there's nothing to bust! It's the Conservatives for me.
Glen, Welling, UK

I don't know who I will be voting for yet. But I know it won't be for any party that appeals to the darker element by focusing on immigration, asylum and gypsies. If anyone thinks those are the country's biggest issues they are unfit to govern.
Rory, London, England

It's the Lib Dems for me. You can trust their honest and straight-forward tax and spending plans. The sums of the other two parties just don't seem to add up.
Stuart, London, UK

As a father of two I will be voting for the Tories. I think they will get better value out of all the taxes I pay.
Craig Belfield, Manchester

I will vote Labour as I did last time keep the Tories out.
Nick, London

Making your mind up on the basis of broadcast news soundbites, or Newspaper editorials is crazy. Pick two or three topics that you know something about and find out what the party policy is from the manifesto on their website. Then make your decision.
Ian Miller, Northants.

My vote now goes to the Greens
Nik Devlin, London
I can't vote Tory: I am implacably opposed to them, and everything they stand for. I can't vote Labour, being one of many millions who didn't want the country to go to war. And I can't vote Lib Dem because in my constituency they come a distant third in every election. So for the first time in a general election, I shall not be voting Labour. My vote now goes to the Greens.
Nik Devlin, London

I've usually voted Labour but I'm switching to Liberal Democrat this time. They simply have the best policies.
Jeremy, Liverpool

How short people's memories are. Britain is in a far better situation, both socially and economically, than it ever was under the 20 year Tory administration. As far as I am concerned, the Conservative party had two decades to prove that their ideology is sound. It wasn't, they made a hash of the country, so I will continue to vote for a government who delivers.
DW, London

I will be voting for the Liberal Democrats. I can't trust Tony Blair anymore and am extremely angry over the war in Iraq!
Dominic Court, Lowestoft, UK

As a student, I have already firmly decided not to vote Labour because of tuition fees among many other things. The Conservatives have already secured my vote. They are against university fees, against Europe and will put right, everything that Labour has done wrong.
Christian, Blackpool, UK

I'm not sure but it definitely won't be Conservative as I don't trust them or their leader. He has shown a disregard for his own party in recent weeks in the Flight affair. My first choice would be Lib Dems but I don't think they have a chance locally so I may vote Labour. They have improved the health service I feel and given more time it will get better.
Terry Piper, Leeds, England

As a first-time voter, I am totally up for any persuasion
Martin Jones, Bridgend, Wales
I appreciate the Tory tough stance on law and order, Labour's economic prowess, respect the anti-war stance of the Lib Dems even if I don't entirely agree with it and the pro-European nationalist message of Plaid Cymru. As a first-time voter, I am totally up for any persuasion. Let's see the politicians work for my vote!
Martin Jones, Bridgend, Wales

I will be voting Labour as always. There is no way that I could ever even think about voting Tory and a vote for the Lib Dems is really a back door vote for the Tories.
Dave, Scotland

The problem I have with the entire system is that ALL the parties have some policies I like and some I dislike. Perhaps we need a shake up of the system so that people vote on the policies they want to see implemented, rather than the party that will run the country!
Rob, Thatcham, UK

On balance yes, though with many reservations. The campaigns have never affected my decisions, it has always been self information, though it has to be said that none of them has ever done me any good.
Tony, Welling Kent

I normally vote Lib Dem, and I don't think this year will be any different. After looking at the BBC's info on how the parties stand on key issues, I agree in principle with almost all of what they stand for. Go Charlie!!
Iain, Poole

Mr Howard seems to be the only leader that has learnt from his mistakes
Michael Mciver, Hastings, England
I shall be voting Conservative this time, Mr Howard seems to be the only leader that has learnt from his mistakes and has admitted them. Furthermore he is the only one who is prepared to discuss difficult issues that concern many people in the UK.
Michael Mciver, Hastings, England

While going for floating voters, you also have to get your core vote out, which requires effort. What saddens me is people deciding what to vote on minor issues like fox hunting, or on outdated stereotypes of the parties. I made my mind up at the age of about 16, and know that while I won't always agree with the Conservatives on every issue, you need to look at the bigger picture and your priorities and vote accordingly! For me it's got to be the Conservatives.
Harry Paget, Tonbridge, Kent

I will be voting Labour as I cannot afford on my wage to put money towards any operations I may require.
Christopher Linthwaite, Beverley, England

As much as I'm sick of Tony Blair, I cannot afford to go back to paying 15% interest rates on my mortgage like under the Conservative rule, I'd end up homeless or living on the poverty line. So it'll have to be Labour again!
Stewart, UK

I will be voting for The Socialist Party of Great Britain. The problem facing the World is global capitalism and the social problems which flow from the anti-social pursuit of profit.
Richard Lloyd, London

I'm voting Conservative as it is about time we got rid of Blair and Labour, let's go back 1997 Labour said we will not raise income tax, tough on crime, but he has failed.
Drew, Edinburgh

I shall most certainly be voting Labour. It took the Tories 18 years to run the country down. If people just look beyond the opposition hype and really take on board what this government has already achieved. There can be no other choice.
Jay, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

I always vote and I shall be voting Conservative.
Stephen Fielding, Wigginton England

I feel unhappy about it but I have to vote Labour
Natasha, Manchester, UK
I'm already apathetic. I feel unhappy about it but I have to vote Labour. I've lost a huge amount of trust in them because of Iraq but the Tories will sell this country and the average inhabitant down the river as they have done before. And the Lib Dems, well they might offer an alternative but they're not a big enough player.
Natasha, Manchester, UK

I won't vote for the Conservative Party because they will legalise foxhunting. I won't vote for Labour because Tony Blair always puts his own interests before the country's needs. I won't vote Lib Dem because taxes will go through the roof. I don't know who else is standing in my constituency yet but I won't be voting for any of the top three.
Bill, Brampton, UK

After growing up and surviving the Thatcher years I will never vote for any leader who was in her Cabinet, that's the Thatcher legacy! The Liberal Democrats are intending to tax the middle class to breaking point! Labour has given me stability and I vote for them again!
Catherine Cox, Nottingham, England

What is all this talk of a strong economy? Labour has destroyed our economy, with the biggest black hole in this country's finances EVER? And after the election, if they win, it's you and me, the taxpayer that's going to bail them out of this mess. Never again Labour, I'm voting Conservative this time.
James, UK

A police force that concentrates more manpower on speeding than anti-social crime? An NHS with little improvement and awful policies? A reasonable economy that anyone could have provided given the huge amounts of revenue pulled in from stealth taxes and oil revenue? For the first time in 22 years I will be voting against Labour.
Simon, Aberdeen, UK

The reason the economy is in good shape is the Labour decision to give independence to the Bank of England not through their management of the economy. My vote will go to Michael Howard for his tough stand on crime, immigration, asylum and gypsies.
Michael, Derbyshire

It has to be Labour's stable economy, low interest rates, low unemployment and investment in services. What about the Conservatives? 3 million unemployed, boom and bust economy, cuts in public services, house repossessions, negative equity and destruction of our manufacturing industry!! No thanks.
Rob, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

The Lib Dems offer a voice of reason with well thought out policies
Tom, Birmingham
The Lib Dems have gained more and more seats every year, despite the first past the post system and the "wasted vote" mentality working against them. They offer a voice of reason with well thought out policies, rather than bickering and crude emotive electioneering. They are the clear alternative to the lack of credibility of the Labour party, and the blatant political opportunism on side-line issues of the Tories. I prefer to choose by policies alone and not get caught up in the "negative politics" Labour/Tory leaders are aiming at one another.
Tom, Birmingham

As a council worker and trade unionist I should be a natural Labour voter. But with their support for war and privatisation and their recent attack on basic civil liberties, there's no way I can back Blair or New Labour. Like a lot of people I want my vote to count for the so-called 'Old Labour' values of peace and social justice. So I'll be voting Respect or Green.
Ben Drake, York, UK

Why change something that it isn't broken?
Peter Wilson, Slough, UK
Our country is in a much better state of affairs than most of our European counterparts. Most of us are working and have a good life. Why change something that it isn't broken? I'll be voting Labour!
Peter Wilson, Slough, UK

As a former Labour Party supporter, these Liberal Democrat manifesto pledges have made my mind up for me: restoring a full state pension to women who left work to have children; abolishing the council tax and replacing it with a fairer local income tax based on ability to pay; scrapping student top-up fees; introducing universal health care for the elderly; raising the marginal rate of taxation from 40% to 50% for those earning more than 100,000 p.a.
David, Bracknell, Berkshire

Election 2005! Make your choice now: Is it: (a) the man who invaded Iraq (b) the man who thought the poll tax was a good idea (and whose current spending plans don't add up at all), or (c) a minority party with no experience of government. Is there a box on the ballot paper for "none of the above?"
Anna Lohan, London, UK

Yes - I will be voting Conservative. I do not want to see another increase in "indirect taxes" nor in NIC. Since the Labour Party were elected, my net salary has decreased despite year on year cost of living increases.
Victoria Hames, London

Personally, I think that Blair, Howard and Kennedy are as bad as each other for their pedantic opportunistic schoolyard bickering. However, I happen to think that Tory policy will be less harmful to Britain and society, so I'll vote for Howard.
Andy Bird, Cheshire, UK

These are 2 major issues which are really making it hard for me to come out and vote
Mark, Doncaster
I want to vote and I want to be positive in my vote. On the whole I am happy with Labour who have done many things that would never have happened under a Tory government such as minimum wage, maternity benefits, Sure Start. I am happy with the extra money in health and education and can see the difference it has made. For the first time I can remember unemployment is no longer an issue but I am not happy with the war in Iraq or the introduction of ID cards. These are 2 major issues which are really making it hard for me to come out and vote.
Mark, Doncaster

I will be voting for the Green Party as it has a radical agenda on the environment, peace and social justice. The three main parties to me just represent different nuances of the same outdated philosophy.
Nick Foster, Reading UK

I'm voting Liberal Democrat - on Europe, the environment, fair taxation and civil liberties, they are the only party from the main three, I could possibly support.
Tim Hill, Bedford

I think we should be voting not on party lines (after all, the main parties are as bad as each other), but for the individual we want to represent us in the House of Commons. On that basis I'll be voting for my local Green candidate who talks sense and is concerned about the same issues I am.
Sandra, London



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