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Last Updated: Wednesday, 4 May 2005, 23:07 GMT 00:07 UK
Take 10 election competition
Graphic of digital radio
State-of-the-art digital radio
Big cardboard cartoon of BBC political editor Andrew Marr, as seen in our TV trails
"Politics anorak" jacket, signed by BBC election guru Peter Snow

Welcome to our easy-to-play election competition, your chance to win a digital radio and a campaign memento... which has unfortunately now closed, so it is too late to enter.

You can still read the questions below to see what the competition involved or, if you entered, to keep track of the answers as they come in over the next 36 hours or so.

The results of the competition will be published on the BBC News website in the week beginning Monday 9 May.

These will include the names of the winner, runner-up and bonus prize winner, plus the top 500 ranked entries.

Meanwhile, you can track all the election night action - and keep an eye out for any of the Take 10 answers - with a full results service available on the website shortly after polls close at 2200 BST on polling day, 5 May.

Question 1

  What will the weather be like in Parliament Square at 1100 BST on polling day?

Question 2

  Which of these party leaders will cast their vote earliest?

Question 3

  Some seats race to be the first to declare a winner, but which of these - from among the fastest at the last election in 2001 - will come first this time?

Question 4

  What time will the first seat declare? In 2001 it was at 2243 BST, just 43 minutes after the polls closed, which was three minutes faster than in 1997.

Question 5

  What colour tie will the next prime minister be wearing as their constituency result is declared?

Question 6

  What party, if any, will the Times newspaper support?

Question 7

  On the final day of campaigning will any of Tony Blair, Michael Howard or Charles Kennedy be photographed kissing a baby?

Question 8

  What will be the lowest number of votes gained by any candidate? Last time it was 43, polled by Amos Klein standing in Hampstead and Highgate.

Question 9

  Will the Monster Raving Loony Party do better or worse than the 6,655 votes it gained nationally last time?

Question 10

  What percentage of voters will turn out? In 2001 it was 59.4%, the lowest ever. The highest was 83.9% in 1950. Choose the nearest whole number.

Bonus/ tie-break question

  How many people will vote? In 2001 there were 26,368,530 votes cast nationally.

Type in figures, not words, using spaces, commas or neither (eg 26 368 530 or 26,368,530 or 26368530). Do not use full stops.


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