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Broadcasters' adjusted boundary figures explained

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Figures for the 2005 General Election being used in coverage by the BBC and other broadcasters are adjusted for changes to constituency boundaries.

Some boundaries have been altered since 2005, meaning some areas have gained voters while others lost them.

The adjusted figures are designed to reflect how the vote would have gone if the new boundaries were in place then.

A team commissioned by the BBC, ITV News, Sky and the Press Association came up with the figures.

The idea was to avoid confusion among political analysts, party activists and the number crunchers when comparing performances from 2005 with Thursday's vote.

As an example, in Foyle in 2005, Mark Durkan got 21,119 votes, but the experts say he would have got 19,747 votes if the boundaries had been the same as this election.

Therefore, if Mr Durkan gets more than 19,747 votes in this election, he will have increased his majority.

Here is a list of how voting went in 2005 along with the figures adjusted for boundary changes:

  • Belfast East: Peter Robinson (2005 vote: 15,152/ adjusted figure: 18,087)
  • Belfast North: Nigel Dodds (2005 vote: 13,935/ adjusted figure: 15,650)
  • Belfast South: Alasdair McDonnell (2005 vote: 10,339/ adjusted figure: 10,977)
  • Belfast West: Gerry Adams (2005 vote: 24,348/ adjusted figure: 25,479)
  • East Antrim: Sammy Wilson (2005 vote: 15,766/ adjusted figure: 15,074)
  • East Londonderry: Gregory Campbell (2005 vote: 15,225/ adjusted figure: 15,783)
  • Fermanagh and South Tyrone: Michelle Gildernew (2005 vote: 18,638/ adjusted figure: 18,638)
  • Foyle: Mark Durkan (2005 vote: 21,119/ adjusted figure: 19,747)
  • Lagan Valley: Jeffrey Donaldson (2005 vote: 23,289/ adjusted figure: 22,260)
  • Mid Ulster: Martin McGuinness (2005 vote: 21,641/ adjusted figure: 21,641)
  • Newry and Armagh: Conor Murphy (2005 vote: 20,965/ adjusted figure: 20,965)
  • North Antrim: Ian Paisley (2005 vote: 25,156/ adjusted figure: 25,111)
  • North Down: Lady Sylvia Hermon (2005 vote: 16,268/ adjusted figure: 16,268)
  • South Antrim: William McCrea (2005 vote: 14,507/ adjusted figure: 14,182)
  • South Down: Eddie McGrady (2005 vote: 21,557/ adjusted figure: 20,758)
  • Strangford: Iris Robinson (2005 vote: 20,921/ adjusted figure: 17,973)
  • Upper Bann: David Simpson (2005 vote: 16,679/ adjusted figure: 16,679)
  • West Tyrone: Pat Doherty (2005 vote: 16,910/ adjusted figure: 16,910)

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