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Priorities set out for Bishop Auckland

Candidates from the three main parties have set out how their parties' policies would benefit the County Durham constituency of Bishop Auckland.

Labour's candidate described a move towards modern manufacturing as the way forward.

Regenerating business to create sustainable jobs was one of the Conservative priorities.

The Liberal Democrat said that the area would benefit from his party's more fair tax system.

Helen Goodman, who is hoping to be returned as Labour MP, said: "We want to move to modern manufacturing, as this country is is going to compete if its making sophisticated items rather than simpler things.

"That's the way to go, and that's why spending on skill and education really matters."

'Silly schemes'

The Conservative candidate, Barbara Harrison, said: "We want to encourage buying local, because so many farmers have closed down in this area.

"Conservative policy is about regenerating business to produce sustainable and proper jobs, not silly schemes that people go on for six months and then find themselves unemployed again."

Liberal Democrat Mark Wilkes said: "Our policies will help so many people across this constituency.

"It's about fairness in the tax system, and making sure that every child in this constituency has a fair chance to grow up, go to school and come out the other side having achieved the best they possibly can."

Candidates announced for Bishop Auckland are:

UK Independence Party: Dave Brothers; Labour: Helen Goodman; Conservative: Barbara Harrison; BNP: Adam Walker; Liberal Democrat: Mark Wilkes; Local Liberals People Before Politics Party: Sam Zair.

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