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Devon South West candidates tackle alcohol issue

Glasses of alcohol
The candidates suggested different ways to tackle alcohol problems

Devon South West candidates agreed alcohol contributed to anti-social behaviour in the constituency, but suggested different ways to tackle it.

Anna Pascoe, the Liberal Democrat Party candidate, said the cost of alcohol had to be monitored.

Luke Pollard, for Labour, believes that greater powers should be given to local councils to deal with drinking.

And Conservative candidate Gary Streeter said tackling 24-hour licensing laws could ease the problem.

Drink Banning Orders

Ms Pascoe said: "One thing is looking to minimum pricing of alcohol and tying it as a condition into liquor licences.

"So if an establishment was shown to be selling alcohol at an irresponsibly low price then they would have their licence either withdrawn or tightened up."

Labour's Mr Pollard agreed that licensing conditions were important but believes the council should have more powers, such as under existing Drink Banning Orders, to tackle the problems.

The orders are currently used by councils to ban individuals, who have engaged in criminal or disorderly conduct while under the influence of alcohol, from certain areas, including from licensed premises.

He said: "We need to give police and local councils the power to deal with drinking appropriately.

'Complete disaster'

"Banning orders need to be used more effectively and make sure the priorities of the local council are the ones of the local people, so that where there is a problem the powers can be used appropriately."

Meanwhile, Mr Streeter cited the 2005 introduction of 24-hour licensing laws as a problem.

He said: "We have to deal with the 24-hour drinking which turned out to be a complete disaster.

"We also have to stop young people from accessing alcohol by coming down heavily on those outlets selling them and stopping supermarkets selling alcohol as a loss-leader."

Candidates announced for Devon South West are: Green: Vaughan Brean; Liberal Democrat: Anna Pascoe; Labour: Luke Pollard; Conservative: Gary Streeter; UK Independence Party: Hugh Williams.

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