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UK election at-a-glance: 14 April

Nick Clegg


It's the Liberal Democrats' turn to launch their manifesto. They say their four core priorities are fair taxes, more chances for children, a fairer and greener economy, and cleaning up politics. Party leader Nick Clegg says only the Lib Dems have the "big ideas" needed to make the fundamental changes the UK needs. Labour's campaign is overshadowed by Gordon Brown's latest admission he made a mistake in not introducing tougher regulation of the banks while chancellor. Tory leader David Cameron hits the campaign trail in London, and is later due to attend a rally in Lancashire. See how the day unfolded.

Election leaflets

An enduring tradition of general election campaigns is the amount of literature the parties stuff into the electorates' letterboxes - a theme picked up and comedically run with on BBC Radio 4's the Vote Now Show. How, they posited, does one go about designing the perfect election communication? Options range from the parish newsletter circa 1984 look, through to the leaflet-masquerading-as-newspaper approach ("who me, no, I'm nothing to do with the election, I'm just a newspaper neutrally reporting the fact the Lib Dems are brilliant"). You can hear more from the Vote Now Show on the BBC iPlayer.


"So finally Gordon Brown admits he failed to regulate the bankers and increased taxes on the poor. His next huge mistake would be his jobs tax that will kill the recovery."
Conservative shadow chancellor George Osborne

"Looking down his toffee nose."
Labour's Lord Mandelson's verdict on David Cameron's attitude to the regions

"I guess I'm the elephant man."
Lib Dem Treasury spokesman Vince Cable on the economy being the elephant in the room

"The publication of the NuLab and Conservative manifestos hardly got the political blood rushing through our veins with the excitement of it all."
Tory peer Lord Tebbit


Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg says their manifesto will "hardwire fairness into British society".

Gordon Brown says he should have been tougher on the banks while chancellor.

As the first-ever televised debate between the leaders of the UK's three main parties approaches, David Cameron admits they could be "sluggish".

In Scotland, the focus of the parties has been on the economy and the state of politics, with the SNP vowing to "clean up Glasgow", the Tories unveiling a poster, while Labour and the Lib Dems talk of their policies on green jobs.

Campaigning in Wales, the UK Independence Party say they would scrap the Welsh Assembly, with Welsh MPs spending one week a month "conducting Welsh business on behalf the Welsh people".

A Conservative election candidate comes in for criticism after she answered a question from her husband at the BBC's town hall debate in Bolton.


The Daily Telegraph says the Conservative manifesto is David Cameron's "call to arms", highlighting its message of community empowerment.

The Mirror reports that its former editor Piers Morgan, now a TV interviewer, has branded the Tory leader a "coward" for not appearing on his show.

The Guardian describes David Cameron's promise to give people more power to run schools and policing a "DIY revolution".

The Financial Times says shadow business secretary Ken Clarke has promised to defend the UK's "liberal" company takeover rules.


103 - number of pages in the Lib Dem manifesto.

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