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UK election at-a-glance: 6 April

Gordon Brown announces general election


Prime Minister Gordon Brown calls the general election for 6 May. The party leaders launch their campaigns, heading off to different parts of the country to begin canvassing. Televised prime ministerial debates confirmed for 15, 22 and 29 April. For all the day's twists and turns here's the day as it happened.


"Get the big decisions right - as we did in the last 18 months since the world recession - and jobs, prosperity and better standards of living will result. Get the big decisions wrong and the lives of hundreds of thousands of people are diminished as a result."
Labour leader Gordon Brown

"It's the most important general election for a generation. It comes down to this. You don't have to put up with another five years of Gordon Brown, there is today a modern Conservative alternative."
Conservative leader David Cameron

"People have got a real choice this time and I think that's why this election is wide open. All bets are off."
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg


Labour will be hoping voters scared by David Cameron's question "do you really want five more years of Gordon Brown?" will have been reassured by the sight of Mr Brown flanked by his entire cabinet, with his trusted chancellor, Alistair Darling, at his side. Mr Cameron, by contrast, went it alone at his campaign launch. Pointing to Parliament, on the opposite bank of the Thames, as he promised to shake British politics up, he clearly wanted to be seen as a radical outsider untainted by the status quo. He seems determined not to let Labour get away with portraying themselves as the underdogs at this election. Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg stressed it was not a two-horse race - a message he will need to get across to make real progress on election day.


Prime Minister Gordon Brown has confirmed that the UK general election will be held on 6 May.
Gordon Brown calls 6 May general election

David Cameron launches the Conservatives' general election campaign with a message of "hope, optimism and change".
Cameron: Hope and change

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has said the general election will not be the usual "two-horse race" between Labour and the Conservatives.
Election is 'not two-horse race'

Scotland's political leaders have hit the campaign trail following the announcement of the general election.
Scottish parties hit campaign trail

Welsh political parties are launching their campaigns after Gordon Brown announced a general election for 6 May.
Parties in Wales ready for election fight

Northern Ireland's politicians are gearing up for four weeks of campaigning, ahead of the general election.
NI's parties gear up for election

So election 2010 has finally arrived - but what sort of campaign can we expect?
Ten point guide to election 2010


Using a well-known search engine's map and measuring tool, BBC News works out how far the leaders of the three main parties travelled on the campaign trail.

Labour leader Gordon Brown: London-Rochester-Rainham-London - 63.49 miles

Conservative leader David Cameron: London-Birmingham-Leeds-London - 367.11 miles

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg: London-Watford-London - 33 miles


There will be four more MPs after the election as the number of seats in Parliament rises to 650.


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