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Delegate views: Gordon Brown

By Justin Parkinson
BBC News political reporter, in Brighton

Unions members at the TUC annual conference in Brighton give their opinion on Gordon Brown as prime minister.

Rob Mackie

The government is going downhill fast. It is just becoming less and less popular with people. It's sinking. The problem is that Gordon Brown and his colleagues are going away from what Labour is meant to be all about. They are not doing anything to help our members. They've got to do something soon or they will pay a heavy price at the election.

Rosa Davies

Things are getting worse and they don't look like getting better soon. Financially we are no better off under Gordon Brown. I think he has been an abominable prime minister. I didn't mind Tony Blair so much. He didn't do anything that really annoyed me. The feeling is that Brown is being a bit stupid. We don't have to have such a big tax on fuel, for instance. He's not doing anything to help that's really relevant. I would rather not vote at all than vote for the Tories or the Liberal Democrats, but traditional Labour values seem to have gone out of the window.

Adrian Jones

Brown isn't listening to the people. He has maybe about 18 months to start doing so, or we will end up with a Tory government. I don't think replacing Brown will solve anything, but all the normal working man sees is unfair taxation, while massive companies, especially fuel companies, are getting away with paying very little. Last year I thought we were ready for a change of Labour leadership. I was optimistic that Brown, who had been a strong chancellor, would be the same as prime minister, but he lacks the same strength as Blair. Blair was more vocal and could think on his feet. I actually preferred Blair to Brown. We are feeling exposed to the global economic problems and it's the government's job to protect us from that.

Elizabeth Taylor

I just can't believe how lost Gordon Brown is. He's missing the point at every turn. We thought he would be more competent than that. PR is so important in this age and Brown is sending out the wrong messages. Of course, it's clear Blair got out at the right stage and there are big problems, but I think Brown should resign. He can't go back and sort things out now.

Alan Carr

Brown hasn't done terribly well. He's failed to communicate and to take the concerns of union members seriously. The problem with talking about replacing Brown is that there's no heir apparent. I think the door is close to being completely closed for Brown. There was a chance to do something new when he took over from Blair, in areas like the policy over Iraq. But the opportunity was lost. Brown should implement some radical policies like the SNP have in Scotland. There was feeling when Brown came in that he was substantially to the left of Blair. There isn't that feeling now.

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