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Younger viewpoints on politics

With the next general election expected in 2009-2010 young people aged 16 to 20 are going to vote for the first time. Peter Waters, from the BBC Blast news reporters scheme spoke to some.

Chris, 17

When I first got interested in politics my local MP was Labour and my background and family was Labour. But year on year it progressively becomes worse under a Labour government. My parents themselves are of one particular standing and I am of another. There is an issue of whether I am being rebellious, but it is my own opinion, and they have respected that.

Danielle, 17

I think the government have a lot of problems to deal with because Brown is continuously being scrutinised. I don't plan to vote as personally me being one of 60 million I don't think I have the swaying vote, my parents voted in '97 but they stopped as they don't see the point.

Bonnie, 17

I know its very fashionable to be negative about the government. The Liberal Democrats are probably the most popular but I could barely name one of their policies. If it came to the next election I'd probably vote Conservative out of principle just to get Labour out, but deep down I'd probably be more Lib Dem.

Nathan, 17

I was a bit of a Blairite when he was in power but there have been quite a few problems of late around the world. Obviously we have come into a lot of economic instability, hopefully that change sooner or later - but in my opinion this is probably likely to be Labour's last term

Jack, 17

Unless you take politics at A-level you really don't know that much about it unless you interest yourself in it. I think some PSHE lesson, instead of focusing on puberty or something like that should focus on politics. As I am coming up to my 18th I should start deciding what party to go for, but until that time I'd rather spend my time doing other things.

Jack, 17

When I do vote I will probably vote for the Liberal Democrats. My key issues would be tuition fees, and how they are trying to sort out the economy. Initially I thought the government was quite good and did quite a lot of good things, but it has deteriorated.


Since I was little it has always been about Labour in government, and I'd like to see how another party would run the country. The Liberal Democrats are under-represented by the media, if they were given a bigger chance they might have more impact on the way people vote.

Pictures and text by Peter Waters

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