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Paddick 'serious choice as mayor'

Brian Paddick
Mr Paddick said his rivals would 'fade away' during the contest

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has described Brian Paddick, his party's candidate for London mayor, as the only "serious candidate".

He called Labour incumbent Ken Livingstone a "failure" and Tory challenger Boris Johnson a "joke".

Speaking after nominations for the contest opened, Mr Clegg said former police officer Mr Paddick would "stand up for ordinary Londoners".

But he trails Mr Livingstone and Mr Johnson in the latest poll.

The YouGov survey, for the Evening Standard, suggested Mr Johnson had 49% of London voters' support, followed by Mr Livingstone on 37%. Mr Paddick polled 12%, with other candidates on 3%.


Mr Clegg said each London family gave 1,200 in taxes to the mayor's office during a four-year term.

He added: "So ask yourself this question. Who would you trust to spend it wisely? The joke? The failure? Or the policeman?

"If you want a mayor who'll stand up for ordinary Londoners; a mayor who'll fight crime, and invest in public transport; a mayor who's serious about the challenge and commitment of running one of the world's greatest cities; then Brian Paddick is the candidate for you.

"Brian Paddick is the best candidate - and I'm proud that he is our candidate."

When asked about his poll showing, Mr Paddick told the BBC: "It's early days as far as this election is concerned."

He added: "We will see one or maybe both of the other two candidates fade away... People will realise that I'm the only credible candidate for change."

Mr Paddick promised to put more police on the streets.

'Test run'

He added that he would make buses more reliable and clear up the "mess" left by the private-public partnership on the Tube.

Mr Paddick pledged to provide more affordable housing, including for young professionals priced off the property ladder.

He added that the London mayoral vote would be a "test run for national politics" ahead of a general election, possibly next year.

The former police commander said: "I have a track record in listening to Londoners, delivering what Londoners have asked me to deliver and doing it in an innovative way that brings about change."

To enter the final ballot, contenders must put up a 10,000 deposit and collect the signatures of 330 supporters - 10 from each of London's 33 boroughs. Nominations close on 28 March

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Party +/- Total +/- Total
CON 257 3155 12 65
LAB -334 2365 -9 18
LD 33 1804 1 12
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159 of 159 councils declared.

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