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Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 July 2007, 23:09 GMT 00:09 UK
Brown 'regularly' talks to Blair
PM Gordon Brown
PM Gordon Brown was interviewed for US television
Gordon Brown, who has been PM since June, says he talks "quite a lot" to his predecessor Tony Blair.

Mr Brown told NBC Nightly News: "We still talk regularly, but he has got a very, very important job to do."

Mr Blair has become the envoy for the US, European Union, UN and Russia, known as the Middle East Quartet.

"I am very pleased he's working with the Quartet. He's working night and day to try and bring the Palestinian forces together," Mr Brown said.

He also praised him as "someone who has made a huge contribution in British public life".

It's not the public profile that interests me, it's getting on with the job of work
PM Gordon Brown

But he added: "Tony and I worked together as a greater partnership which lasted from 1983 for 24 years.

"Tony always wanted to go on to do other things and what he's doing is incredibly important."

Asked during the television interview how he coped with being in the public eye, Mr Brown said: "I didn't come into politics to be a personality in the sense of appearing on television."

Family life

He said: "I came into politics because I felt there were certain things that needed to be done.

"It's not the public profile that interests me, it's getting on with the job of work."

During the interview, broadcast after the PM's trip to the US to meet President George Bush and UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, Mr Brown also spoke of his wife Sarah, their two sons, and the death of his daughter at the age of 10 days.

"I don't really talk about it, because what Sarah and I do is get up in the morning and feel happy we have got two young sons who are doing very well and we want to get on with the challenges in life.

"We feel we have been fortunate, as well as things have been difficult on some occasions, but we are fortunate to have two lovely boys and that will continue to be my first priority.

"Being a good father is the most important thing."

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