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Last Updated: Saturday, 17 March 2007, 17:27 GMT
Tories want anti-terror screening
Shadow Home Secretary David Davis has called for airport-style screening of passengers at British railway stations to combat terrorism.

Mr Davis made his call in a video presentation of a fact-finding trip to New York at the party's spring conference in Nottingham.

He said scanners linked to CCTV had been on the New York subway for three years had and proved a success.

Such a system should be set up in the UK "as soon as possible," he said.

Delegates at the Tory spring conference were shown a short film about Mr Davis' recent trip to the United States to see different crime-fighting methods.

He said the key to dramatic reductions in crime in New York was more police officers on the streets.

He also spoke admiringly of so-called "zero tolerance" police tactics, which he said had helped tackle serious crime by first making sure no petty offence went ignored.

The Conservatives are focusing on health and public services during their two-day spring conference in Nottingham.

The government has said full airport-style security was impossible at UK stations.

But scanners which can screen for weapons and explosives have been trialled at some stations.

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