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Last Updated: Wednesday, 31 May 2006, 21:54 GMT 22:54 UK
Full text: John Prescott statement
John Prescott leaving Downing Street on 30 May, 2006
Mr Prescott has been plagued by damaging headlines
Here is the full text of John Prescott 's statement announcing his decision to give up his grace-and-favour home, Dorneywood.

Like other Cabinet ministers before me, I have used Dorneywood as a place to stay, to relax and to work.

But I am well aware that my use of it is now a subject of public controversy and criticism and a matter of concern amongst some MPs and the Labour Party.

Dorneywood is, in fact, owned by a charitable trust and there is no cost to the taxpayer in its use. I have accepted that my continued use of Dorneywood is getting in the way of doing my job in government.

I have told the prime minister that it is my personal decision that I no longer want to be the official resident. He has accepted this decision.

I will continue to focus on the role the prime minister has given me of co-ordinating policy work across government along with the other responsibilities that he has given me, nationally and internationally, so we can better deliver the manifesto on which we were elected a year ago.


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