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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 May 2006, 15:58 GMT 16:58 UK
George Clooney as Gordon Brown?
George Clooney and Gordon Brown
Can you spot the difference?
According to Gordon Brown's wife, Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney should play him in a film of his life.

The chancellor, in an interview with New Woman magazine, also says he likes to wake up to the Arctic Monkeys.

Mr Brown, keen to show there is more to him than fiscal prudence, says that if he had not been an MP his dream job would have been as a football manager.

He is coy over the "briefs vs boxer" debate, saying he chooses "whatever comes to hand. But they're all M&S."


Mr Brown, 55, left the magazine's editor Helen Johnston, believing him to be happy and relaxed, adding: "Phew, in fact he's charming."

That's between me and the bed sheets
Gordon Brown on nightwear

The chancellor, the frontrunner to replace Tony Blair when he steps down as Labour leader and prime minister, is asked who he thought should play him in a film of his life. He replies that his wife Sarah "says it should be George Clooney".

An interesting choice, after Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott revealed last month that, if the actor was still alive, Marlon Brando would be the ideal man to play him.

Mr Brown, however, shows off his eclectic taste in TV and Music, by disclosing that he is a fan of X-Factor and has the Arctic Monkeys, Beethoven, Bach, the Beatles, Coldplay, U2 and James Blunt on his iPod.

"The Arctic Monkeys really wake you up in the morning," he said.

"And reality TV - Pop Idol, X Factor, Fame Academy, there's so much talent out there. It's great to see people getting the chance to show their potential."

Sex and the City

While he will watch the England-Sweden World Cup match in Germany, he plans to "watch the rest at home with my brothers".

However, he swiftly side-steps a question about when he last got really drunk, by saying: "I'll be celebrating my brother's birthday soon, so let's see."

He will not reveal what he wears in bed, saying: "That's between me and the bed sheets."

But asked what springs to mind "if we say the word rabbit", he replies, with a chuckle: "Sex and the City", demonstrating his knowledge of the sex toy that is featured in the TV show.

He also has firm views on which female film star he prefers, picking Angelina Jolie over Jennifer Aniston.

'Dad's revolution'

But ever the diplomat, he adds: "Well, I was a fan of Friends. But I have met Angelina and Brad.

"She is very much involved in our education campaign in Africa, so I'd choose Team Jolie."

On more serious matters, Mr Brown - whose wife is expecting a little brother or sister for two-year-old John in July - hails the increased involvement of men in childcare.

"I meet fathers who talk about the issues of child care, some of them are going to parenting classes. But I believe we need this fathers' revolution," he says.

"I have a two-and-a-half-year-old son and I think it's important that we play our part and do our share."

He also outlines his belief in developing the concept of "Britishness", with the idea of "a day every year when we could come together to celebrate what makes us great as a country".

Here are some of your comments on the story:

As feasible as it may be to have George Clooney play Gordon Brown in a film, has anybody stopped to question what will keep an audience captive for 90 minutes in a story about his 'thrilling' life as chancellor? Oh yes, George Clooney. I see the point now.
Robert Kluger, London

This is nothing more than a vain attempt by Brown to raise his public persona by saying "Look, I really am a nice normal bloke".
Alex H, London, UK

Regarding George Clooney playing Gordon Brown - no way! George is good looking, talented, has a good physique and over the years has given people much pleasure.
Sheila Pickering, Chippenham, Wilts

55-year-old Scot who likes the Arctic Monkeys and supports England? Wouldn't trust him with my pension.
Simon, Derby

I think that it is an excellent idea of Gordon Brown's that we should have a day to celebrate our "Britishness". I have no problem with other races or religions living or being practised in this country, but as citizens we have forgotten what a rich and interesting past this country has, and we need to realise it. While America may not be a model country, their patriotism is really something that we should be jealous of.
Alex O'Dell, East Grinstead, UK

A lame attempt by the BBC to 'big up' Gordon Brown who is increasingly desperate about his chances of ever becoming PM. Polls show he not just generally unpopular, but especially so in the eyes of women voters, who prefer David Cameron as future PM
Jay, Lewes

It is nice to see GB with a more human side. However it is a little rude to talk of a 'father revolution' when the government will not give legislation to the courts on parenting/grand parenting issues. Hence the rise of campaign groups doing stunts on the lottery etc. GB wants to tackle the difficult issues and stop ignoring people who are want to be good parents but cannot.
Greg, Preston

I don't want to see a film about him, whoever played him in it
Tim Walker, London

No way should Gorgeous George Clooney play Brown - he's FAR too good looking. It would be an insult to him to play such a boring politician.
Carole Young, Glasgow, Scotland

Is this news? I thought I'd arrived at the TV Quick home page, not the BBC.
Christopher Allen, Sheffield

He seems more down to earth and more in touch with reality than any of the Blairs and Bushes put together! Let's hope that when he is finally in Number 10 that he'll do a fine a job
S Jane, London

What a funny guy. I think his personable and genuine, down-to-earth approach will make him a very amiable prime minister. Just make sure you're shouting for England this summer.
Luke , Derby

Gordon Brown wearing briefs and listening to James Blunt on his iPod - thank you very much BBC, you've just ruined my lunch.
Peter Moore, Aberdeen

Could not think of a more Boring Film ...
Tom Finnis, Houston, Texas

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