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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 September 2005, 15:22 GMT 16:22 UK
Comparing the Tory launches
David Davis and David Cameron
Davis, left, and Cameron, right
David Davis and David Cameron launched their Conservative leadership bids within an hour of each other. How did their styles compare? Daily Mail sketch writer Quentin Letts and chief political correspondent John Pienaar gave their verdicts on BBC Radio 5 Live:

John Pienaar, Radio 5 Live chief political correspondent

There was a big contrast between the two launches.

David Davis' was a timeless piece of traditional campaigning: a room crowded with supporters, a speech peppered with catchy slogans. He's a front-runner and he looked like it.

David Cameron's was an altogether more modern, even chic, affair. They even served fruit smoothies to journalists on the way in.

The room resembled an upmarket cafe-bar, and Mr Cameron played the part of the young man with fresh ideas: a candidate with a vision, not just of a changed party but a new one.

He played the part exceptionally well.

Mr Davis looks a racing certainty to win enough support from MPs to end up in the final two.

David Cameron will have to fight to join him in the run off.

On today's evidence he will put up a convincing fight.

Quentin Letts, sketch writer, daily Mail

The David Davis launch was a rather stolid affair. It felt a bit like a Rotary Club meeting, of the older generation but quite solid.

You felt that he had a real chance of gaining power.

David Cameron's was much more London, more advertising world and groovy, but he spoke well.

He was very much like a young Tony Blair. There's not much between Mr Blair and Mr Cameron in terms of presentation and style.

David Davis has got to present himself as a younger, groovier man. He needs to inject a bit more into presentation.

It felt a bit like a Tory party meeting 20 years ago and he needs somehow to polish that up.

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