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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 September 2005, 10:21 GMT 11:21 UK
Labour conference at-a-glance: Day three
All you need to know about Day Three of the Labour conference 2005, at-a-glance:


Education secretary Ruth Kelly outlines plans to ban junk food from schools - while unions seek to junk the Government plans to expand the use of the private sector in the NHS.


Foods high in fat, salt or sugar are to be banned from vending machines and meals in English schools within a year.

The government faces a potentially embarrassing defeat at the Labour Party conference in a vote on curbing the use of private firms in the NHS.

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw vows to put "the responsibility to protect" at the heart of British foreign policy.

Labour conference organisers are facing complaints they were too heavy handed in throwing out an 82-year-old heckler.

The government is attempting to create a "society of institutional intolerance" leading barrister Michael Mansfield says.

Three people have been arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage after the Countryside Alliance stand at the Labour conference was vandalised.

Artist David Hockney leads protests against the government's plans to ban smoking in most public places.


Mr Blair's walk-on music was If The Kids Are United by 1970s punk band Sham 69. An odd choice perhaps, but probably better than one of the band's other hits, which include proto binge drinking anthem Hurry Up, Harry (we're going down the pub) and the sensitive plea for penal reform Borstal Breakout...

It just wasn't their night. When Ed Balls and David Miliband addressed a fringe meeting in Brighton, the lights quite literally went out on them. First it was Mr Miliband's turn. After he had been speaking at the Independent meeting about what Labour needs to do to win a fourth election, he was plunged into darkness. He muttered something about letting there be light - but nothing happened and he was left staring into the blackness for an uncomfortably long period. Next up it was Mr Balls who also found the god of electricity was playing tricks on him. Ruth Kelly, however, was spared the embarrassment after, in her characteristically shambolic fashion, she turned up late and after the gremlins had been exorcised.

So it wasn't the god of electricity which was playing tricks on David Milliband and Ed Balls after all (see above). It was a member of Her Majesty's press corps. Apparently, the meeting where the two men were speaking was pack to bursting point and when one of the media finally managed to squeeze himself into the back of the room he accidentally lent against the row of light switches. There followed a desperate attempt to rectify the situation as he started clicking each of the switches on and off until he eventually found the right one. A few moments later he did it all again just for good measure.



Speeches expected from Jack Straw and John Reid


Patricia Hewitt, Ruth Kelly and Peter Hain are expected to speak


"If Gordon Brown's conference speech was that of a leader, of a man eager to get on with the job of implementing his agenda for Britain, Tony Blair's was of a different order."


Stewards eject the 82-year-old heckler Walter Wolfgang from the Labour conference


What I'm saying is that children shouldn't be served a diet of junk food in schools. And there are certain things that it's just absolutely clear should not be on the menu. And those are foods that, for example, are meat products that are made from reconstituted meat slurry that bears no resemblance to the original product. It's just common sense that those foods shouldn't be available at school.

Education secretary Ruth Kelly


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