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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 September 2005, 12:51 GMT 13:51 UK
Labour conference at-a-glance: Day two
All you need to know about Day Two of the Labour conference 2005, at-a-glance:


Tony Blair's main conference speech focuses on his desire to embed his reforms to the public services and secure his legacy.


Tony Blair tells the Labour Party conference he will use the last years of his premiership to irreversibly embed his public service reforms.

Charles Clarke is giving more details about the government's efforts to foster a culture of respect in society.

Cherie Blair reveals that the Blair family are big fans of the TV series Little Britain.

Unions win backing from the conference for their motion calling for secondary industrial action to be allowed.

Europe minister Douglas Alexander says Labour could learn from George Bush's campaigning style.


Seb Coe is, you may remember, a Conservative. Indeed, he was made a Tory peer by his former Judo partner William Hague. But, here he was, at the Labour party conference helping celebrate London's Olympics 2012 victory. It could have been a difficult appearance, but Lord Coe headed off his critics at the pass by adapting the Tories' general election slogan. He stepped up to the podium to stare at all the delegates' faces and declare: "I know what you are thinking". Well, maybe not all of them your Lordship. Then, to complete this apparent transformation, he was followed by London mayor Ken Livingstone who thanked "comrade" Coe. That should go down well in Conservative central office. So, rumours that the former athlete is planning to stand as Tory leader and do for the party what he did for the Olympics bid may be wide of the mark then.

During Monday's lunch break, Cherie Blair was to be found conducting a royal tour of the conference stalls for the benefit of a gaggle of press photographers following behind. As with royalty, it was Mrs Blair's job to look enthusiastic at each stand, whatever it was promoting, without actually saying anything that could be misquoted by the press. Clearly she was more enthusiastic meeting organisations like Relate, the marriage counselling service, than she was in the hands of the Small Landlords Association next door, or the tobacco industry and their anti-smuggling campaign across the way.



A speech is expected from Home Secretary Charles Clarke.


Speakers include: Prime Minister Tony Blair and Gary Titley, leader of the European Labour Group


Gordon Brown's big speech was not so much a leadership bid, as a full-blown leader's speech...


Tony Blair
Tony Blair heads for the exit - but probably not for the last time


"It took everyone by surprise but they decided to jump a, jump a generation and embrace somebody with a very different and fresh outlook on life than the one that my grandfather had - now, history rarely repeats itself but... what that does seem to indicate is, that, talk of foregone conclusions is perhaps premature at this stage."
Peter Mandelson has cautionary words for Gordon Brown on the BBC's Daily Politics and the World Tonight.

"Darling that is a long way in the future. It is too far ahead for me to even think about," Cherie Blair, asked about life after Downing Street.

"My advice: never underestimate Tories; never over-estimate the Lib Dems," Tony Blair's view on campaigning.


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