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Last Updated: Monday, 26 September 2005, 13:11 GMT 14:11 UK
Labour conference at-a-glance: Day one
All you need to know about Day One of the Labour conference 2005, at-a-glance:


Gordon Brown tells delegates the party must fight the next election as "New Labour" as the battle over the party's direction in a post Blair world intensifies.


Europe minister Douglas Alexander says Labour could learn from George Bush's campaigning style.

The government has ruled out any prospect of lifting the ban on secondary industrial action.

Gordon Brown uses his keynote conference speech to insist the party fights the next election on the centre ground.

John Prescott has opened Labour's annual conference with a warning about the threat from the Conservatives.

Senior Cabinet ministers have endorsed Gordon Brown as the inevitable successor to Tony Blair.

John Reid has said it would be "nothing short of mad" for Labour to abandon the centre ground of British politics.

Gordon Brown brushes off talk of being dour by telling the BBC Today programme that he likes a laugh and a joke as much as anyone


Security in Brighton is, unsurprisingly, tighter than Danny La Rue's corset. None the less, I was still taken aback to find Tony Benn in the same two-hour queue for a conference pass as me. True to form, however, there was not even a hint of the "do you know who I am" behaviour one might expect from others. Instead, Mr Benn filled the time making sure other more elderly visitors - well, slightly - did not lose their places ahead of him.

Who says teaching standards have dropped over recent years. Well, whoever it was may well have been right. According to a leaflet handed out by the National Union of Teachers, its fringe meeting is going to be chaired by Richard Garner of the Independant.

Health secretary Patricia Hewitt was telling a fringe meeting of the extraordinary lengths constituents will go to in order to make their voices heard. On one occasion the bomb squad were called to a suspect package which had been sent to her - only to find it was a protest over the state of dentist services. The angry constituent had sent the minister his false teeth. But Patricia, did they fit?



Key speakers expected to include Jack McConnell, Alan Johnson, Gordon Brown


Speech expected from David Blunkett, an Olympics presentation with Tessa Jowell and Sebastian Coe, plus speech from Rhodri Mogan


Gordon Brown's big speech, with its carefully-worded references to "New" and "renewed" Labour and its distinct Thatcherite overtones, is certain to intensify the leadership speculation already gripping this conference.


Gordon Brown and Tony Blair listen as the Labour conference begins
The leadership question dominated the start of the conference


"People know me privately and they know that I am as able to laugh and joke as everybody else. Perhaps, John, you haven't seen me in private. But that's because I don't attend your after-dinner speeches," Gordon Brown responds to criticism from the BBC's John Humphrys.

"They have got the language and they have built coalitions, but the thing that we have to realise - they have built coalitions of extremely nasty people and we can't do that," David Blunkett on learning lessons from the Republicans.

"At present there are more Tory candidates than I've had hot dinners - and you can see I have had a few," John Prescott taking a swipe at the Tory leadership contest.


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